Ubisoft Company continues to hold NFT despite criticism

In Ubisoft, despite criticism of the players, they still want to stick to blockchain and NFT.

Ubisoft Mocked Even More As Company Insist NFT Will Be

In an interview, Didier Genesis, technical director of blockchain at Ubisoft, said that one has heard the feedback and concerns, but also to find out with this experiment how to record and accept the value promise of decentralization of our players.

We have received a lot of feedback since the announcement, and we hear both the encouragement and the concerns. We understand where the mood opposite the technology comes from where we have to consider them with every step of the way.

With this experiment, we want to find out how the value promise of decentralization can be recorded and accepted by our players. We know that it is a great change that takes time, but we will remain true to our three principles.

According to Kodak, developers have already expressed their displeasure via NFT (non-fungible token) in their own ranks. Even developers GSC Game Worlds, who wanted to use NFT in Stalker 2 Heart of Chernobyl, has completely rejected his plans for the negative criticism.

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