Cree Tales Collector s Edition made in limited quantities

Is a RPG still a RPG when it is not made in J? The Colombian Studio Dreams Incorporated seeks to answer this question with Chris Tales. The game was presented for the first time in 2019 at E3 and PC Gaming Show and had to go out last year, but Covid-19 ruined that. A demo was published in July and, fortunately, it should go out at the beginning of this year. If you played the demo and enjoyed it or fell in love, you can consider procuring you Cree Tales Collector’s Edition because you may not have any other chance.

Although without the release date, you can preorder the collector edition on Maximum Games Store for one of its supported platforms. It comes with a physical copy of the game (digital code for PC), 2 lithographs, an art book of 60 pages, 4 pins enamel, a sheet of 3 stickers of characters and a plush Matías, which is a frog with a bow tie. All physical material comes in a peek-a-boo game pouch. There is also a pile of digital content that accompanies it, which includes an extended digital art book, 10 characters’ avatars, 4 desktop wallpapers and 18 phone wallpapers. A poster is also supplied with all copies sold at the game, standard edition or collector edition.

First INDIE Collectors Edition For Ps5 unboxing

This collector’s edition costs $100 and is shipped only to the United States, but customers outside the country can make an additional effort to take other provisions to get theirs. Once again, still no release date, but Cree Tales will come out early 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

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