Justice Chronicles RPG Nintendo Switch Release Date Announced

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An adventure against the destiny itself. Demo announced the release date of the Nintendo Switch version of his RPG Justice Chronicles. A press release on the ad provides more details.

Justice Chronicles follows the story of a novice beast knight which, during a scout mission, finds a mortally wounded fighting girl. By concluding an agreement with the God of death to save the girl, in exchange for his own life, the beast knight and the girl must work together to save the world and themselves. Players will travel through a world for war and destruction and restore a lost balance.

In addition to the story, players will be able to experience fully animated fighting, turn by turn, weapons making, secondary quests and a whole series of characters. The story itself contains forty hours of gameplay. In addition, the entire framework of the world is presented through the pixel art. Players also have the opportunity to use the animals that live in the world. The players did not feel like beast knights if they could not fight alongside and against animals.

Justice Chronicles really captures the essence of a real role-play! Says the press release.

Currently, the game is planned for an exit Nintendo Switch on January 6th. On the day of the exit, the game will be put online in North America, Australia and Europe in the Nintendo online store. In addition, the game will cost $14.99 but will be on sale to celebrate the exit. Are you ready for an adventure against destiny? Will you save the world? Thus, prepare at the exit of Justice Chronicles RPG for Nintendo Switch.

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