3 games that have completely surprised me 2021

Tales (テイルズ; Target) is a number of video game, which is also preferred under the name Tales of (Collection) (テイルズ オブ シリ シリ シリ シリ シリ Target OSU Shimizu) in Japan. The initial title Tales of Phantasma debuted in 1995 on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan. Nevertheless, the worldwide marketing outside Japan initially located the title Tales of Destiny, that stood for the PlayStation, in 1998 for The United States and Canada and later in Europe 2004, with Tales of Symphonic for the Gamete. The collection of Banzai NAMC Amusement (previously of NAMC) is established and was developed by the subsidiary NAMC Tales Workshop up until 2011. Because 2012, the development is centralized in Banzai NAMC.

This game genuinely surprised me..
The personality layout originates from Josue Fukushima and also Mitsuki Inmate, producers are Video Baba as well as Dakota Koizumi and the author of the collection is Motor Sakura. Initially, the collection of Yoshiharu Rotunda was produced.
Along with video games, the valley franchise additionally consists of anime, radio play and manga adjustments.

MeinMMo-Demon Worthy introduces you 3 games that you may have overlooked in 2021 — and that are significantly better than originally intended.

The MMORPG year 2021 should actually be quite beautiful — but it was not. This has brought many players to just stretch their sensors after other games. Also, through the ongoing content poverty in World of Warcraft, I had a lot of time to devote me to play for whom else I had no time.

To my great pleasure all these games were real buckles. Particularly three games have remained in the best memory. I can only do it to everyone who has a little time between the years and looking for a little through and through good entertainment. Not each of these three games is suitable for every type of player — but they all offer a unique experience.

Tales of Arise — a terrific cliche-Jrpg

JPGs were the genre that my love of gaming has not really sparked. I still know that at the time I had convinced a friend on his birthday to buy Final Fantasy IX from his money — what we washed together in the course of a week. Since then, there has been a lot up and down with the genre and apart from some highlights, the joy could not revive so much.

Luckily Tales of Arise is such a highlight.

Tales of Arise at the beginning takes pretty much every crushed RPG cliché. Of course, the hero suffers from amnesia and of course the protagonist is quite hot, unapproachable and warms up very slowly in the course of history. The young girl has of course devastating magical powers and at all, everything looks to good and evil at first glance.

As RPG Tales of Arise also uses a lot of anime cliches. The exaggerated drama must like, just like the sometimes distributing intermediate sequences with a lot of dialogue. But after about 10 hours this is changing. The story is more complex, the motivations of the characters are revealed slowly and who was still a stupid, self-ailing enemy at the beginning, will suddenly get comprehensible.

In addition, there is a very action-made combat system with adjustable difficulty levels, which plays from the game for me, lol to I have to enter every tactical command manually, otherwise we are all dead ranges.

Anyone who departs at exactly something like that is presented with Tales of Arise a story presented with a lot of exciting turns, in which in the end is not as much black and white, as you might still think at the beginning. Enemies and heroes are comprehensible and convincing — a rarity, especially in villages in recent years.

Tales of Arise is perfect for simply dropping comfortably into a fantasy world in which you want to spend many dozens of hours just to be rewarded with the next cut scene and a small story detail.

Tales of Arise does not reinvent the RPG wheel, but it provides exactly what a RPG has to offer to remain in memory and after playing the satisfying feeling of that was a beautiful gaming experience.

Back 4 Blood — The Best Shooter in the Loop

Yes, Back 4 Blood is one of these games that the community splits. Either you hate it because it is not exactly as Left 4 Dead and has a very high degree of difficulty.

Or you love it, because it is the perfect fun for a friend group of 4 people who are repeatedly giving new challenges and freshly feel fresh at 10. Pass.

Back 4 Blood is a cooperative zombie shooter. Instead of simply grabbing the weapons and tailoring themselves through the hordes of zombies and special zombies, it needs a bit more tactics and planning.

The game has a deck system, where all players can tinker different card decks. But that’s basically only Perks, which attracts you in the course of the lots in turn.

With these Perks your character can be customized pretty much. So you can lay a focus on machine guns and with an extremely short after-load time several zombies simultaneously shoot over the pile. Or you focus on sniper rifles and causes crass damage to weak points, but move slower. Or reliably brings away all normal zombies in melee, while your team cares about the special zombies.

Once sunk down, the deck system offers almost countless possibilities and again and again something new, which can be tried.

But away, the playback value is high. Because the AI-Director has different cards. These are negative effects that come in each game. Times are the zombies faster, sometimes a map is in deep darkness and sometimes there are additional bosses or a timer that announces the approaching particularly strong zombies.

The combination of these effects ensures that my group is still hungry for more than 150 hours and the campaign plays again and again.

However, it was warned here: Back 4 Blood is something for groups. Anyone who wants to start alone or trust the help of Randoms, who will not enjoy this game and should rather make a wide arc.

Succubus — a cruel artwork

I had to think a little about whether I really get this game in the list, because it is so different than any other games I played. But actually that’s enough reason to mention the game at least.

In Succubus, you play the naming demon in hell, which are on revenge and works in an endless excess of blood and sex through the hordes of the underworld.

Succubus earns his FSK 18 rating already after a few seconds. Perfect nudity of the demonic and human bodies, lots of splatter action in the fighting and a cruelty in the presentation, which is the same.

However, succubus is not an AAA title and that you notice the game in many places. Especially the combat system is a bit cumbersome and does not always feel liquid. However, that does not change the fact that Succubus is a very round gaming experience that simply tests new limits — in the good, as well as in the bad.

Succubus has missed some of the shocking and most memorable moments, in which I even shocked the game had to pause. What exactly it has, I explained in more detail in the accurate game performance of Succubus.

Succubus is not necessarily to understand a great game in which one can lose for days; It is played through after a few hours. However, Succubus shows how bleak and conventional cliches may deviate a game if you simply do not subject any moral screens as a developer.

Succubus reminds more of a work of art that raises questions about moral concerns and back in the same breath. How much cruelty can one actually show? How evil would be a hell if she were not so romantically transfigured?

It is a unique experience and is suitable for those who have a strong stomach — or slightly twisted preferences.

Do you also have games that have completely surprised and enthused you in 2021? Unexpected highlights that were much better than you originally shuffled? I like to tell me — I’m curious.

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