Halo Infinite has a glitch that lets you play football with the oddball

Hallo Infinite is a first-person shooting computer game created by 343 Industries and edited by Xbox Game Studios, released on December 8, 2021, on Windows, Xbox One and also Xbox Series. This is the sixth main game of the Halo series, following Halo 5: Guardians launched in 2015.

Hallo Infinite is far from being a perfect game, so it was just frolicking in multiplayer minor bugs and glitches. So now fans have found a new strategy for the Oddball mode. The titular ball can in fact thus be thrown very far.

New Tactical finesse by oddball Glitch

As the YouTube channel Yaboitroy said, there is a new glitch in Oddball mode of Halo Infinite:

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How does the Oddball mode? In Oddball fights her into two teams consisting of six players inside a glowing skull. This is on the card around and must be received by one person. The team then gets for each second that this ball is held, a point. Opponents, however, have to try to shoot down those with the ball and win the Objective itself.

What is the glitch? The supporting but can pass at any time to drop and here the bug comes into play. Because you look into the air while you let fall the skull, then it flies up briefly. At this moment you can him then by a melee attack remains high in the air throw. The glitch thereby making new tactics possible.

This can be used both for a very toxic tactic. You beat namely the ball too far up, then this will be reset after a short time and another from their own team can get him at the reset point. This you can chip off again and again without that opponents have a chance to bring this skull.

CRAZY Oddball Trick in Halo Infinite
Playing Football with the Oddball : tactically sensible and fair Something, however, is the fit. For you can throw the ball too flat by the glitch. So you can it, for example from one end of the map to another throw, then where players wait inside to accommodate him.

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There is another glitch

Take the other hand, especially in front of another error in Oddball mode (via YouTube / Yaboitroy) beware. In addition to the high-Chuck, Oddballs can be trapped in walls. The only difference from the other flaw is that this time will not reset the skull. This can happen that teams that have a head start, hit the ball into a wall and then just run the timer to win.

So far, 343 Industries has not yet ruled on the glitches, but hopefully the errors are corrected quickly, so Oddball can be played normally.

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