But not ps5-exclusive? This game is coming soon for the PC

Death Stranding is an open-world action and exploration video game created by Kolyma Productions as well as published by Sony Interactive Enjoyment for PlayStation 4 and also 505 Games for Microsoft Windows. Your Director is Video Kolyma and is the initial video game of your firm after conclusion From his agreement with INAMI in 2015. Actor Norman Reeds interprets the main lead character. Its launch at the PlayStation 4 console happened on November 8, 2019, while its premiere in Windows happened on July 14, 2020. Sony formally revealed the game at the E3 Meeting in June 2016.

The PlayStation 5 must soon share one of your exclusive top titles with the PC: Death Stranding Director’s cut is supposed to be published on the PC. This rumor is based on an allegedly ratified press release from Intel for the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2022.

Is Death Stranding: Director’s Cut for the PC?

As part of the show, a cooperation between Intel and various developers such as Code masters or PUBG Studios, as well as the PC release of Death Stranding — Director’s Cut in cooperation with Intel to demonstrate the LESS Technology is to be announced. The technology should allow high-resolution textures with little resources.

In the press release is also a statement of Neil Rally to find, the president of 505 games in which he describes his joy about the cooperation. 505 acted in the standard edition of Death Stranding already available for the PC (Buy Now €16,49 / €14,99) as a publisher.

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Excellent announcement?

At 7pm of German, we may already learn more. Then the first of two digital presentations of Intel starts on the CES 2022. The second presentation starts on Wednesday, January 5th at 20.30 in German.

questionable source?

The press release has been published by the Videocam page, with an anonymous source talking about an anonymous source. Although the site indicates that this is a communication whose journalistic value could not confirm itself that it would fit into contemporary rumors on Intel and LESS Technology.

Source: Videocam

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