Detective Pikachu is trend while fanatics ask for a sequel to the film

Last year, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu The Star Justice Smith revealed that a sequel to the film probably will not occur. The version of the big screen of the Pokémon franchise was well-received by most fanatics, and it also worked quite well at the box office. Unfortunately, it seems that many people have just learned about judge smith’s comments and is disappointed by the fact that Rome City will not appear again at theaters. This resulted in the film became a tendency on Twitter, since many fans expressed their hopes that a sequel could still happen.

Next Pokémon: Detective Pikachu After the success of the box office, The Pokémon Company revealed that a sequel to the original 3DS game was being developed for Nintendo Switch. There has been no information about that game from the initial ad, which led many to believe that that could not be happening either. It seems that Detective Pikachu fans simply can not take a break!

Keep reading to see what the fans say. Pokémon: Detective Pikachu !

Give the fans what they want!

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How Detective Pikachu Is Canon With The Anime

2022 has had a difficult start.

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There were many more Pokémon who could have introduced!

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The film had a satisfactory conclusion.

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Maybe the game still happens!

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Our courage will help us get ahead.

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Do it Detective Clef airy and Ready.


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