Death Stranding Director`s Cut comes to the PC in spring

Death Stranding is an open-world action as well as exploration computer game established by Kolyma Productions and published by Sony Interactive Amusement for PlayStation 4 and also 505 Games for Microsoft Windows. Your Director is Video Kolyma and is the very first video game of your company after completion From his agreement with INAMI in 2015. Actor Norman Reeds interprets the primary protagonist. Its go for the PlayStation 4 console took area on November 8, 2019, while its best in Windows took area on July 14, 2020. Sony officially introduced the game at the E3 Meeting in June 2016.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut appears on the PC. This message confirms that by a yesterday-published Leak stated guess that the game of Kolyma Productions in cooperation with Intel would find its way to the PC.

The LESS Technology should be demonstrated by Intel, which should be made possible with a few resources thanks to upscaling relatively high-resolution textures and can be considered as an equivalent for DSS technology from NVIDIA. So far, the Director’s Cut of the Kolyma game was only on the PlayStation 5 was acquired.

When will Death Stranding Director’s Cut appear for the PC?

Like the original PC version of Death Stranding, the game will be distributed by 505 games. Antone la Founders, the global press specter of 505 games, has not announced a concrete release date, in yesterday’s message on the 505 Games website, but an approximate window was mentioned:

Kolyma Productions and 505 Games are pleased to announce that Death Stranding (Buy Now €16,49 / €14,99) Director’s Cut simultaneously on Steam and Epic Games Store in Spring 2022 will appear.

It should be noted at this point that although the prediction of an announcement to Director’s Cut von Death Stranding voted, but the alleged press release was not quoted in yesterday’s Leak Antone la Founders, but the president of 505 games, Neil Rally.

Source: 505 games

‘Death Stranding Director’s Cut’ is coming to PC this Spring
From Simon Hoffmann
& Lukas Schmidt
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05.01.2022 at 14:17



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