God of was on Metacritic: worth the PC version of the PS4

The press has pleased her verdict and initial ratings on metacritic to the PC port of God of was published. Can the PS4 Giant convince almost four years after the first publication in a new robe?

God of was: the metacritic judgment

At the 14th. January is finally leaving, and the former PS4 hit God of War finds his way to the PC. Meanwhile, the first evaluations of various portals on metacritic have arrived and draw a more accurate image over the quality of PC port. Is the action adventure worthwhile in its new execution?

If one believes the first overall assessment of the press, this can definitely be answered with yes. Currently, commutes God of War for the PC at 93 . (Source: Metacritic)

Various review pages grab the same for Glorious 100 — Screen Rant writes, for example:

God of Wars PC-Port is a must-have for fans of games with seamless fighting and a stunning graphic

Similarly, video Games Chronicle only finds praising words and highlights the PC-specific properties with a score of 100 :

God of was on the PC is the unambiguous way to gamble an essential game. It never looked better and makes his colorful, brutal and incredibly original art style very clearly, with technically error-free performance. Even on a computer that is not at the top of the PC technology.


PC Gamer brings it with a solid 90 and these few words to the point:

The best game of the PS4 is now one of the best games of the PC

Was do you actually want you from God of War Ragnarök? This reveals this picture line:

God of was storming the Steam Top seller

These magnificent ratings have led to a large rush on the pre-orders for God of War. Currently, the action hit is already residents on the second place of the coveted Steam charts . (Source: Steam)

To put the benefits of the PC version again shortly before release in the best light, Sony has uploaded a 15-minute video full of gameplay on Ultra Settings , which you can still lead you here:

God of was for the PC with its limitless frame rate and native 4K and ultra-wide screen support also win 2022 the press for itself. The former PS4 hit will probably also mutate for many PC players to the real favorite.

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