God of War: PC-Version des PS4

Summoners War: Skies Arena (The War of Summer Seasons: The Holy Sector) is a moving computer game Kind Method on the turn on the internet produced by the Oriental Com2US editor. The video game is available free of cost on iOS and also Android. It relies upon a turn-tower system, where monsters compete in a number of video game modes (gamers versus players or gamers versus the computer system). In 2017, the video game asserted greater than 80 million download worldwide.

God of belonged on the PlayStation to the most successful series at all. The action saga around the war god Rates excited fans since 2005 — and for a long time we had a lot of money that it never will not give a PC version of the Sony games.

But to Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone, God of had now found the way out of the PlayStation exclusivity to the PC. More good news: After the first international tests, a maximum rating chases the next. And still a good news: For the release you can buy God of War PC at GamesPlanet a few euros cheaper than Steam.

Why is God of War PC worth his money?

At Metacritic, where the statements of the international media are bundled, the average rating of God of War was 93 percent for PCs for PC. So judge Game Rant: The PC version make a first-class game even better — technology and graphics are excellent. Euro gamer Italy also moves the full score: God of was a true masterpiece in terms of storytelling, action and article.

Our test to God of War for PC is available as an update to the test of the PS4 version. Suitable for the quality of the action game is available at GamesPlanet God of War PC for €44.99 and thus ten percent less than Steam.

Buy: God of War PC for €44,99 at GamesPlanet

Indie highlights with strong discounts at GamesPlanet

In addition to the discount campaign at God of War PC, GamesPlanet can also be saved in indie highlights. Only this weekend (up to and including 17.01.22) runs the Indie Promo, in which massive top games have been lowered up to 67% in the price. Of course, the Walking Dead is the eye — the Telltale series is a true adventure classic and should definitely play. Here are our highlights:

  • The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series (PC // Steam) for (-56%) €21,99

The Walking Dead: The Final Season (PC // Steam) for (-65%) €8,50
Project Wingman (PC // Steam) for (-28%) €17,99
The Dark side Detective (PC, Mac, Linux // Steam) for (-67%) €3,75
Grime (PC // Steam) for (-29%) €14,99
ONE STEP from EDEN (PC, Mac, Linux // Steam) for (-30%) €13,99
BEFORE YOUR EYES (PC // STEAM) for (-36%) €5,75
Void Bastards (PC, Mac // Steam) for (-60%) €11,99

Indie highlights with strong discounts at GamesPlanet

Top games with up to 83 percent discount at GamesPlanet

In addition to God of War PC you can buy more attractive top games with partly large discounts at GamesPlanet as Steam-Key. So there is the recently published Monster Hunter Rise PC with a rich 20 percent discount. You can save even more at the Flash Deals, there are currently classics such as the Settlers 7: History Edition and Might & Magic: Heroes VII, Quantico Dream Highlights like Detroit: Become Human and Beyond: Two Souls or Space Adventure No Man’s Sky: Expedition is greatly reduced in the price.

SPAR actions and flash deals at GamesPlanet


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