Corona cases Pot: DHB

Preparation for the game against Poland so important for the main round could not have been suboptimal. Five corona cases on Monday, two still on Tuesday. Alfred Gílson could not train with his team, accordingly, the national coach entered the cameras. With Silvio Harvester, the Icelanders would have liked to nominate at least a second keeper, but the final man of Mt Messenger had also infected at home.

However, the newly assembled German team already showed before kick-off, as willing it was to leave the turbulent last hours behind. In the first 19 minutes, the aggressive DUB defense conceded only five goals, Johannes Bitter beamed between the posts the hoped for rest.

Steiner and Foster play big up

Nevertheless, nervousness was in the game, symptomatic that Rune Dame and Lukas dawned in seconds completely unintentional to Poland Keeper Mateusz Zembrzycki failed. But in Erlang ens vertical starter Christoph Steiner, at his 32nd birthday, and chicks Julian Foster (21 years) had the German team two outstanding actors. Steiner threw six goals in six trials (four seven meters), Gummersbach’s top-talent Foster was at the attack unconfolished and fire (three hits). This led Magdeburg’s Philipp Weber Barnstorm Director.

At the break, the DUB selection therefore did not lead undeserved at 15:12. Keeper Bitter helped where he could only. Only the early second two-minute punishment for defense specialist Patrick Whence hurt a bit (28th). The Poles were, in turn, dangerous about the circle and back-shooter Szymon Sicko, who was barely braked with his jump and throw power.

bitter runs gradually hot

After the side change, the Poles shortened quickly at 14:15, the game threatened to tilt, marriage Routine Bitter ran at his tenth big tournament between the poles gradually hot. With a 3: 0 run, the DUB team produced a four-door projection for the first time (18:14, 36.).

Steiner and Foster remained at their power maxim, so that the German team could bring about a small preliminary decision at 21:15 (44.). Specially chosen Foster, later earned as Man of the Match, his age and the circumstance that he plays in Gummersbach only 2. League does not show any second. The Poles did not want to shake off completely, but never got really dangerous. At the end there was a highly deserved and with a view of nine corona cases remarkable 30: 23 success for the DUB selection.

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The first to the group D, the German team meets on Thursday on Fear Archer Spain. The Poles get it to do the prelude to the Norwegians. Further opponents are Sweden and Russia. Only the first two teams of each main round group qualify for the semifinals.

Poland — Germany 23:30 (12:15)

Germany: Bitter (HSV Hamburg) — Steiner (HC Erlangen) 9/6, Golda (SG Flensburg-Handewitt) 6, Foster (VFL Gummersbach) 6, Weber (SC Magdeburg) 4, Were (TV Lego Lipped) 3, Dame (THE Kiel) 1, Whence (THE Kiel) 1
Referee: Slave Nikolai (Nordmasedonia) / Giorgi Nachevski (Nordmasedonia)
Viewers: 1076
Punts: 10/12
Disqualification: / –

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