NHN Commerce, Latest IT Technology Launched Shopping Mall Solutions Shop Bai Pro

NHN’s Commerce subsidiary NHN Commerce launched the latest IT technology-based shopping mall solution ‘Shop By Pro’.

NHN Commerce has launched a shopping mall solution for companies in 2019, and has launched its market quickly, including a shopping mall solution Shop BY). We are providing optimal solutions for medium-sized online business through ‘Shop by Premium’, which can be expanded to the infinite function. In addition, we released the ‘Shop by Pro (Shop By Pro), which combines the easy and easy-to-use IT technology of users, and completed the’ Shop By ‘lineup, the first expandable platform.

All lineups of ‘Shop By’ apply to the latest IT trends (Microsoft, Cloud-Native SaaS, Apiarist, Cloud-Native SaaS, and Headless) technology. The ‘Shop by Pro’ released this time provides a more upgraded feature in the existing ‘Shop By’ solution.

‘Shop By Pro’ is the first solution to SMEs and brand companies in Korea. The cloud environment can be stable even in any situation, and provides a pleasant shopping experience for consumers with fast content transmission based on domestic CDN services. Corporate customers can develop customized shopping malls according to their business models when building malls, and can only be modified quickly after the opening of the opening.

Provides an optimized management environment for companies with multiple brands. ‘Shop by pro’ provides the ability to integrate multiple shopping malls with one administrator, and it is easy to expand to overseas business with global service support. It also provides an open API to implement a special shopping mall, and it is possible to expand business through various external services, as well as simple payment services such as Paco.

NHN Commerce will conduct a grand open promotion for members who have applied ‘Shop By Pro’ from April 30 to April 30. You can use the service for free for a maximum of six months when the first use of ‘Shop By Pro’ in the period, and the electronic payment (PG) subscription ratio is exempted.

NHN Commerce Lee Tunisia, I am glad to be able to complete a customized shopping mall for all customers who are working on a commerce business, and NHN Commerce is a user based on IT technology and operations We plan to provide stable service for
Meanwhile, NHN Commerce is a global commerce platform for global commerce platform companies that cover the entire Commerce business through the NHN COMMERCIAL and China’s NHN COMMUTE in Japan and China.

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