The Legend of Vox Machina Review: A hilariously obscene and irreverent fantasy adventure

The legend of Vox Machine is an animated series definitely for adults who skillfully balances humor and action while still being faithful to the beloved person. ROL Critical Frames and characters on which it is based. In the last seven years, the cast of Critical has delighted and entertained millions of fans with their pranks around the game table. The web series is starring a group of dubbing actors who interpret calaboose and dragons, a game of table with fantasy theme. ROL Critics started as a game at home between friends, but finally became a web giant who helped revitalize calaboose and dragons and now is the main revenue generator channel on Twitch. ROL Critics is a great success for several reasons: the world created by Dungeon Matt Mercer is deep and immersive with layers of mysteries and intrigue, the characters played by the rest of the cast are convincing and fully developed, the camaraderie that is shown in the Table is palpable and encouraging, and the show certainly knows how to sell yourself with an increasing line of products and links.

Sapeles critical Last adventure is The legend of Vox Machine, An animated adaptation of critical sapeles First campaign, starring a group of adventurers just competent. The Group financed the production of the series through a crowdfunding campaign that raised more than $11.3 million over the course of a month, breaking Kickstarter records in the process. As the ROL critical the cast has deep roots in the animation, the program brought to Titmouse Studios, a first level animation study, and a star group of producers, composers and designers to give life to the program. Amazon quickly took the opportunity to convey the series, picking up the legend of Vox Machine and commit to a second season of the program in 2020.

Having seen the first six episodes of Vox Machine’s legend, the new series is, in a way, a fantasy equivalent to Harley Quinn, another series of transmission that combines high quality animation with humor and decidedly adult situations. With characters designs from Oven Justice Veteran Phil Brass, the legend of Vox Machine looks like a show that could attract the massive market at first sight, with nuances of avatar, the last master of air or She-Ra and the princesses of power. However, while the program has an aesthetic that could attract almost anyone, the program immediately emphasizes that it is for adults in its first seconds. In the first ten minutes of Vox Machine’s legend, the spectators enjoy spooky dismemberment, f-bombs repeated, an animated sex scene, both masculine and feminine nudity, and a scene in which a heroine vomits in the Open jaws of his opponent, which then makes the person-dog faints. Themselves.

The legend of Vox Machine’s Clean aesthetics mixture with obscene and bloody content perfectly captures the energy of Critical itself. After all, the web series is proud to have an extremely friendly and friendly cast that can not avoid laughing at the jokes on poop or the occasional reference to the anal balls. Occasionally, the tone changes from heavy or sincere moments to cock jokes that can be unpleasant, but the program achieves a strange balance that leans slightly to humor. Not all the jokes or visual jokes land in the legend of Vox Machine, , but I found myself laughing at least once during each episode.

Of course, the casting for the show is also impressive. In addition to the main cast of Lolita (Laura Bailey, Ashley Johnson, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Gaffe, Liam O’Brien, Sam Rigel, Travis Willing ham and Matthew Mercer) Returning their web series roles, the program also brings an impressive group of Guest stars that includes Canto The flight of Stephanie Beatriz, Game of Thrones Actress Indira Karma, Development Actor Tony Hale, ROL Critics Ex-students (and veterans dubbing actors) Chary Payton and Felicia Day, and medico that Actor David Pennant. There are no telephone performances at all, which is doubly impressive since the series had to record remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Another highlight of the legend of Vox Machine are its action sequences. The Critical Web series had some epic combat sequences, and the legend of Vox Machine pays homage with pride through some epic and impressive battles. I especially liked how the personalities of the characters seemed to shine during these extended fight scenes, without the characters seemed too dominated or competent. In fact, Vox Machine seems to prosper by getting a victory (or simply surviving) by a very small margin. A fight sequence in the second batch of episodes is particularly frantically, with the group desperately hitting its non-dead enemies so that they submit with anything they can find when they are given a small chance. Vox Machine are not superheroes, but they are survivors and the program does a very good job when finding new ways to prove it in each episode.

As for the characters themselves, the legend of Vox Machine is in balance between the service to its lifelong fanatics (known as critters) with the newcomers to the franchise. Fans who have seen ROL Critics I have followed Vox Machine for hundreds of hours and I understand these heroes at an almost intimate level. This means that writers have a toolbox full of fully developed characters with nuanced relationships, and we see these strong personalities reflected in the series from the first moments. What is missing the program is any type of fundamental explanation on how the group or nature of the character’s skills was formed. In a way, that reflects the origins of ROL critical in itself (which launched its famous original web series in the middle of the Vox Machine campaign), but I am worried if the newcomers will be confused why the apparently non-magical VAX has a Belt that transforms into a serpent or what is the difference between the various types of magic. Used in the show. I enjoyed that the legend of Vox Machine opted for showing and not saying when it came to the skills of his heroes, but the rich world of Alexandria seems to be too close in the background. The program also suffers some rhythm problems in the first episodes, but that can be explained mainly due to the unique circumstances of the series and promises made during the collective financing campaign along with the desire to immerse themselves in one of the critical. Strongest stories. None of these subtleties is an important detriment to the legend of Vox Machine, but simply byproducts from a program that tries to distill a history of 350 hours in episodes of 22 minutes.

I have a built-in weak point for Critical and particularly this animated series. ROL critic was the reason why my wife and I started playing calaboose and dragons, 00 that not only strengthened my romantic relationship but also became my main social activity during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021. The Launch of The Legend of Vox Machine Kickstarter also happened shortly after a personal tragedy in my family occurred in 2019, and see the cast celebrate the success of his collective financing campaign was one of the first times that my wife and I feel joy After that tragedy occurred. I would probably have loved it the legend of Vox Machine whatever happens, but I am pleased to say that the program can be used by itself regardless of whether you have seen all the episodes of holistic or if you have never heard of the series before today. If you like obscene humor, the great sequences of action and the first level animation, you will love the legend of Vox Machine.

Rating: 4.5 of 5

The legend of Vox Machine premieres at Amazon Prime Video on January 28.

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