This payment model is the dream MMORPG

The payment model of an online role-playing game can already decide whether someone clicks on Buy or Install or not. In the article these teachings should draw MMO developers from the New World -deception, had the author of these lines set up the following thesis: The announcement of an MMORPG with purchase price plus subscription, but without shop and microtransactions would nowadays Many players really well arrive. At least if the project still leaves a good impression.

On survey follows evaluation

After a discussion in Roughcast 585 we wanted to know it more precisely and called a survey in life . In this we asked you, on the one hand, which payment model would prefer her in your dream MMORPG. Dream MMORPG means in the case that a developer is reading your wishes from the eyes and published for you perfect online role-playing game in high quality. On the other hand, we were interested in what form you should be presented in the best case in the best case. As part of a subscription? As Mix from free updates and chargeable content? Completely free? It’s time for the evaluation!

Which payment model has your dream MMORPG?

  • Normal purchase price + compulsory subscription + In game shop (like WoW): 16.37 percent of the participants
  • Normal purchase price + optional subscription + In game shop (like Test): 17.71 percent
  • Free2Play + Optional subscription + In game shop (like SW TOR): 9.69 percent
  • Cheap purchase price + optional subscription + In game shop (like Black Desert): 3.56 percent
  • Normal purchase price + compulsory subscription (without In game shop): 22.38 percent
  • Cheap purchase price + compulsory subscription (without In game shop): 10.36 percent
  • Purchase price + compulsory subscription, yes, but much cheaper subscription than before (for example, 7.99 euros per month): 19.93 percent

There is currently no single online role-playing game on the market that puts on the most popular request-payment model of our survey: normal purchase price plus compulsory subscription (without In game Shop). Source: dream MMORPG

How do you like your content extensions?

  • Free Updates Plus Chargeable LCS or Extensions: 33.96 percent
  • Free updates, chargeable LCS are part of the subscription, extensions cost extra: 22.96 percent
  • All new content should be part of the subscription: 25.84 percent
  • New content should always be free and finance themselves through the In game Shop: 8.69 percent
  • New content should be playable via Season Pass: 1.56 percent

The Elder Scrolls Online meets the nerve of many readers with its payment model and content strategy. Source: Animal

Our conclusion about the results

The figures clearly show that the survey participants are quite willing to pay good money for their dream MMORPG, in the form of purchase price plus subscription (a total of 69.04 percent), but also through the purchase extensions. The author shocked is the author of these lines that 16.37 percent of the participating readers would also find an In game shop in addition to purchase price and subscription, even though it was the combination of purchase price plus subscription without the shop.

Knowledge Number 2: As so often in the MMO genre, there is no clear winner at the topic of payment model. No matter which option a developer meets, he will always make some fans happy and push others in front of their heads. This circumstance is also reflected in the variety of models, which is currently in the market.

How do you rate the result? Surprise you the performance of an answer? Are you with the majority? Betray us in the comments!

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