Battlefield 2042: EA strikes dramatic change according to insider

Battlefield 2042 has not yet been able to convince players or his own publisher. An industrial insider now reveals that EA is considering a dramatic step – possibly as the last chance for the multiplayer shooter.

Since the release in November 2021, Battlefield 2042 must fight through a crisis after another. The shooter does not deliver that in many ways, which fans of the series have desired. In the consequence EA can not be satisfied with the performance of the Triple-A game . A normally well-informed industrial insider now brings a dramatic change into the game, with which EA could possibly react to the previous balance.

Battlefield 2042: Does EA draw the F2P Joker?

Tom Henderson is known in the gaming industry as Leaker and usually well-informed expert with regard to the Battlefield franchise . In a Twitter post, Henderson has now announced that EA with the performance of Battlefield 2042 has not been a little surprisingly satisfied.

As a result, EA would now all options to look at the game. This also includes the ability to design a free-to-play model for the game.

Multiplayer shooter soon Free to play?

A changeover to a free-to-play model would be the absolute last chance for Battlefield 2042 to push around the fate of the game. It would be such a radical solution that EA previously would probably try to work with smaller measures against the trend. For example, for example, the shooter could be taken in the EA play bid – for EA Play Pro, the game is already available.

However, that the free-to-play option is already debated, shows how desperately the situation of battlefield 2042 is already – just three months after the release.

Show you here the trailer of the five specialists in Battlefield 2042 in the video:

Battlefield 2042 has not done so far what EA has promised from the Triple A Shooter. As a result, the Publisher now analyzes various solutions – including Leaker Tom Henderson also a free-to-play model.

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