Game Book Wind Multi-ending RPG “Take a life of life” 2022 Spring early access started!

PLAY ISM is a game book-style multi-ending RPG for the Game Book-style multi-ending RPG, which is developed by Japanese individual developers in PLAY ISM GAME SHOW 2022 broadcasted on January 23 In STEAM, I announced that Early access started in spring of 2022. In addition, English trial version is also released according to the announcement.

This work is a gamebook-style multi-ending RPG game that is a Japanese individual indie game developer, and the main character’s attachment changes by the player’s choice, and the way of thinking changes. Ending has been able to change multi-ending that changes with the Conditioning of life decided through the journey. The main character will continue to use for your own life for yourself, and it is all the player’s choice. The ending is the end of the way of life and is considered to be so-called good ends or bad ends.

The game has a style that events progress with unique narration of the game book style and sometimes proceed with events while judging at dice rolls like TRPG. The selection of these events changes, and the selection option also affects the hero’s concept as described above.

And the battle of this work is characterized by a battle with Command Battle Strategic and ATE Action. While acting three times during one turn, the player’s arms and strategies will defeat the game, such as How to get an enemy’s intense attack? Even if it is an enemy that could not be won, it is possible to adjust that it will be able to win and win while challenging. In particular, in the boss game, we aim to get over the tension that will live or die, and aim to give a game that can achieve a sense of achievement when defeating a strong enemy.


In addition, the character customization factors are also fulfilling, and the protagonist who made power by the curse can strengthen their own ability by touching death. Because the success rate of each event is also changed due to the high ability, these customizations have greatly affected not only the battle but also for usual events. You can learn various skills by increasing the level up and enhancing classes.

List of life is scheduled to start early access at Steam 2022. GAME SPARK also publishes play reports at Bit summit exhibiting. Please look at them all together.

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