Executive from Xbox responds to the reviews for your photo with crash

Aaron Greenberg, Marketing Manager for Xbox , is known for using your social networks to interact with fans and in general, have a good time with the community. However, change the profile picture of it in twitter caused hundreds of fans to criticize it because he includes crash , character, after the purchase of Activision Blizzard , now It belongs to Microsoft .


The community thought that Greenberg had done this to make fun of Sony, and many people took it in a bad way. After all the reviews, Greenberg was pronounced in this regard with the following message:

Thanks again Ben for creating this for fun and my new profile photo. I have seen many reactions and I just want to tell everyone that this was to celebrate the creation of a fan, which normally used as a profile and headboard photo. Let us have the mentality of staying positive and treating all the gamers with respect.

As I was saying before, Greenberg is someone very active in social networks and there was some misunderstanding about their new profile photo, for as the executive clarifies it, this was simply to celebrate the creation of a fan.

Editor’s note: I definitely do not think Greenberg has had bad intentions with this new profile photo, only that timing was unfortunate. Nowadays, people tend to react negatively to almost everything, and it was to be expected that this was also going to receive criticism.

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