Neil Druckmann by Naughty Dog confirms the development of 3 new games

The co-chair of Naughty Dog, Neil Druckmann, has confirmed that the PlayStation study is currently working on three different games. Since the launch of The last of us part II EN 2020, Naughty Dog has maintained a fairly low profile with regard to future projects. Although the study has made it clear that it is working on a new multiplayer game of some kind, additional games within the company have not yet been completely revealed. However, according to a new comment of Druckmann, it has become evident that one of the most notable game developers in the world is now juggling with three titles at a time.

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In a recent message on Twitter, Druckmann caught the attention of the fact that Naughty Dog is currently hiring for several roles in the study. In the search of encouraging people to run for these roles, Druckmann mocked that the study is now developing three new projects. To express this, Druckmann used three different emojis in him to convey the secret nature of these games. As expected, many fans in response to Tweet began to theorize about which these three games in question could be.

At this time, we have a fairly clear idea of ​​what two of these new Naughty Dog projects will be. The first is the aforementioned multiplayer title, of which Naughty Dog has spoken publicly during the last one or two years. While we do not know how this game will be called, it is likely that it relates to The last of us part II. Then it is informed that the second game is a new version of the original. The last of us for PlayStation 5. This is a project on which Naughty Dog has not given any clue, but it has been informed of its existence on numerous occasions.

The last of these three games is then the greatest mystery of the group. It is likely that this project is the next badge title of Naughty Dog and, at least in the eyes of many fans, hope is that somehow links The last of us or inexplain. However, there is also the possibility that this game is a completely new company for Naughty Dog and could be a new IP for the study to develop it. Again, essentially there is nothing we know about this title at this time, so it will be very intriguing to see what it becomes.

What games do you expect to see from Naughty Dog in the future? And what do you think will be this third game of mystery? Let me know your own thoughts in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

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