Consequences for accusation of personal injury: Player is removed from FIFA 22

MASON GREENWOOD , English football professional and one of the many different players in FIFA 22, was after a accusation of personal injury and tried rape from the game. Greenwood’s girlfriend had a video last Sunday, several photos and a voice recording Instagram posted on the social media platform.

The photos and the video show the girlfriend of the football player bleeding and littered with numerous hematomas . It was provided with the message _ “to all who want to know what Mason Greenwood does me do.” _ In addition, audio recordings suggest that Greenwood wanted to rape his girlfriend. All contents have been deleted, as the mirror reports.

Immediate suspension and presumable arrest of Mason Greenwood

The Manchester United player had been suspended promptly, the police reported to a news agency that a husband has been perceived for the time being due to the suspicion of personal injury and rape . The name Mason Greenwood did not mention them.

What does the reproach for FIFA 22 mean?

As already mentioned, Electronic Arts immediately responded to the allegations and Mason Greenwood from the offline modes as well as the packs and drafts in Ultimate Team from FIFA 22 (Buy Now 21,99 € / 23,99 €) removed. Whoever has the player already can do continue with him . This could have the decision EAS a similar effect as with other remote players.

FIFA 22 Is Removing Mason Greenwood After Rape Allegations

Because it is not the first time that EA banishes a player after his behavior in real life from the current version of the football video game. At FIFA 20, the developer and publishers of the game had already thrown Marco Van Basten out of the game, because this in the background of an interview had called the words “win salvation”.

Also Benjamin Mendy was removed last September after multiple rape accusation from FIFA 22 . Following EAS reaction, Mendy’s price rose drastically at FIFA 22 within a very short time because it was now only available in a strongly limited number by removal from new packs.

Also Nike reacts to the allegations

EA is not the only company that comes from the allegations of Greenwood’s girlfriend consequences. The world-famous sports clothing company Nike reacted immediately and precluded the decision to end cooperation with Greenwood with immediate effect.

_ “We have exposed our relationship with Mason Greenwood. We are deeply worried about the disturbing allegations and will continue to watch the situation exactly” _, a spokesman of the company of the news agency Reuters with (via mirror). If the allegations to Greenwood are considered incorrect, so there is certainly the possibility that Nike with the athlete is once again entering a business relationship.

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