Famose catching up: Rekordmann Nadal wins Final of Australian Open against Medvedev

little at first looked like a triumph Nadal out – the first set was already a no-brainer. Medvedev dominated the passage against a Nadal, who allowed himself 16 unforced errors and remarkably strong sweating. Slight doubts about the fitness of the 35-year-old came on after the 2: 6-set loss.

The Spaniard scattered them in the second race. For the best rally the whole batch (40 strokes) took the clearly favored by the public Nadal the first two break points, the second he used for 3: 1-guide. In a disjointed passage with several breaks and a sentence awarded ball for Nadal the tiebreak finally had to decide – and again started Medvedev a small comeback. The Russian turned a 3: 5 in a 7: 6 and thus picked up and the second passage, in which a space storming fan had caused a shock moment. The protesting man carried a banner that read “Get the detention of refugees,” he was promoted by the fast-responding security forces by the Court.

After that, the fighters in Nadal finally came to light. The Topspinmaschine from Mallorca fought bravely against a Medvedev, who by the mood against him until then had to be infected. Four break points resisted Nadal at 2: 3 from, drew up at 4: 4 two of its own and took advantage of the second, while Medvedev to be a matter, as so often docked in this tournament, with the audience and gave ironic applause. Nadal the next service game with top tennis won to nil – 6: 4! Upper body free discussed Medvedev after dropping a set to the referees. “Can you tell people that they are idiots if they pure roar after their first serve?” Asked Medvedev. The referee said no.

Medvedev’s next provocation – Nadal wins to finish irrem

Nadal - Medvedev : le résumé du match | Australian Open | Finale
The more important question was: would now follow the great comeback of the Australian Open champion in 2009? It spoke a lot for it. Medvedev made at Break Ball a double fault, the audience was again the ironic thumbs up and was treated by the physios at left thigh. However, it was wild: Re-break Medvedev, re-re-break Nadal, although he was able to use only the seventh attempt. A set ball at 5: 3 was the left-hander still are, but on serve he made the sack. 2: 2, the fifth round had to decide.

For the first time really in the lead after the break Nadal had to 3: 2, with a crunching forehand longline he made it perfect. After that, the Spaniards brought a service game, which lasted nearly 14 minutes to 4: 2 by, struck at 5: 4 to win the match on – Nope. Medvedev abolished the break despite 0:30. perfect madness made the re-break Nadal, so the hit for the tournament win for the second time, again 30: 0 lead – and this time brought home the match! 2: 6, 6: 7, 6: 4, 6: 4 and 7: 5 to 5:24 hours it was at the end, the rest was a single victory party Nadal in the boiling Rod Laver arena. Medvedev congratulated fair and sat then blankly long on the bench.

Once bitten again: Rafael Nadal. AFP via Getty Images

Nadal will be probably next year in Melbourne

His good humor but found the Russian quickly. Medvedev said with a smile, he would have hoped Nadal would be “a bit tired, but he was not.” Nadal welcomed the audience – Local time already well past midnight – with a “good morning”. he called Medvedev “fantastic, you will not once get this trophy, it is one of my most emotional matches in my tennis career -. and to share this moment with you, this is an honor for me.” The 35-year-old also said he’ll probably be back here again next year, “Actually, I thought that maybe my last Australian Open are now but I have to go on a lot of energy..”

, The second victory at the Australian Open after 2009 also means that Nadal has not exceeded its permanent rival Novak Djokovic only in terms of number of major titles (21:20), he is now after the Serbs, the second player in the Open Era each major won twice at least – before the introduction of professional tennis, this was also Roy Emerson and Rod Laver succeeded. Medvedev, meanwhile, missed his second title at a Grand Slam event after his win at the US Open last September.

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