FC Bayern in widths better: Bastian Schweinsteiger criticizes the BVB

The former Bundesliga player and today’s TV expert Bastian Schweinsteiger has analyzed why Borussia Dortmund in the title race with FC Bayern has so heavy. The former national player equalized several problems with BVB.

“I find the Borussia very interesting,” said Schweinsteiger in the “Kicker”. At the 5: 1 success against the SC Freiburg in the middle of January, for example, the BVB would have had “a world-class phase”, but then “unconcentric and” fell in a hole “.

Overall, it was “extremely good”, which would afford the Dortmund around Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke, Schweinsteiger said and praised the Westphalia with a view of the transfer policy. “But if you want to make Bayern competition, you should not constantly lose the best players,” the 37-year-old warned at the same time.

But not only the loss of top stars would prevent the black-yellow on the success, including the mental question and remains a topic in Dortmund. He himself had grown by FC Bayern in his character already created leadership, Schweinsteiger explained.

Schweinsteiger: The BVB no longer picks up the FC Bayern

Sebastian Kehl beleidigt Schweinsteiger!!!!
If you then have become a guide, you have to confirm this leadership quality on performance on the court, emphasized the world champion of 2014. “This performance does not have the leaders in Dortmund constant. In some games, the BVB lacked the countermarte,” criticized the 37- Year-old.

It does not realize that players like Emre Can or Erling Haaland alone before, so the longtime Bundesliga star continued, who nor a Jew Bellingham named next to the duo. The England Youngster is “world class”. “But is the boy with the age of 18, the team as a spokesman to drive forward?” Schweinsteiger asked.

For the TV expert is clear at six points in the table clear: “This year it will not be enough [for BVB] to push the Bayern from the throne.” He wishes “Strong Dortmund for the League and International”.

“The BVB is the (missing) Konstanz”

But there was also no longer round for Borussia. No wonder for Schweinsteiger. “The Dortmund have after 20 league games 31 goals, as they do not have to be surprised if they leave in the Champions League,” the 37-year-old criticism exercised.

By contrast, Schweinsteiger did not want to apply to the European competition. The financial benefits existed earlier, 2013 we still had the finals of Dortmund against Bavaria, “said the former midfielder.” The BVB had turned off Real Madrid, Real also had more money at that time. It is located on the constancy. “

According to the TV expert, many Bundesliga teams only play very well for 60 minutes, then it will be less. “Except Bayern. That’s why only you are in the K.-O. Round,” analyzed Schweinsteiger.

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