The release date of Ghostwire is revealed: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo - February 2022 Official Showcase
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The release date of Ghostwire: Tokyo, which is an upcoming action game and Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Tango game, has been revealed by PlayStation. Developed for the first time at E3 2019, Ghostwire: Tokyo has taken a long time to arrive and originally was supposed to have been released last year. Now, after a brief delay, it has been confirmed that the long-awaited project will eventually arrive in just over a month.

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Found in a recent description for a next presentation related to Ghostwire: Tokyo on the YouTube channel of PlayStation, it has been said that the game will be launched on Friday, March 25. The presentation in question in which this date was filtered will be released tomorrow afternoon and will surely show a ton of new game aspects for Ghostwire: Tokyo. In addition, the description also confirmed that there will be a luxury edition of Ghostwire: Tokyo to buy along with some bonus items for those who pre-order the title.

Although Bethesda could now be owned by Xbox Game Studios, Ghostwire: Tokyo is a game that, like that of 2021 BUCLE mortal, will be an exclusive PlayStation 5 console when it is launch. This is a deal that Bethesda did with Sony before Microsoft bought it, and those inside Xbox agreed to adhere to the parameters of the deal. Having said that, Ghostwire: Tokyo should only be exclusive from PS5 for a single year, which means that it should then reach Xbox Series X at the beginning of March 2023.

Beyond launching in PS5, Ghostwire: Tokyo will also reach the PC when it is launch next month. And if you want more information about the game before that moment, you can check a new official description of Ghostwire: Tokyo below.

“In an instant, almost all the population of Tokyo disappears and the paranormal visitors of another world take their place in the streets. As Akito, one of the last living humans of the city, must unite forces with a spirit called KK to end a supernatural threat that invades Tokyo. Ready to join an unlikely ally to recover the city?

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