MMORPG “Mortal Online 2” is popular for STEAM formal releases. Friberty and dangerous fantasy fantasy

Developer Star Vault AB officially released MMORPG “ Mortal Online 2 ” on January 26. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). Steam can purchase a month for one month, and the regular price is 4100 yen, and it is available for 10% off 3690 yen until February 2. After that, it is necessary to register in the monthly system subscription.

Mortal Online 2 First Impressions

“Mortal Online 2” is MMORPG, which fights adventure in the world called NAVE. The player dive in the dungeon, adventure, works with collection and becomes a merchant, or to attack the player, or to pursue various play tiles. It is possible to attack surrounding players at any time in this work. Therefore, when meeting another player, tension is always good. At the same time, it is important to assemble hands with powerful friends and keep them in the guild.

There is no automatic attack or the like in the battle of this work, and the action based battle where the player’s arm is questioned is unfolded. Therefore, depending on the arm, it is also possible to defeat the player with good equipment better. Even with a sword, a bow, magic, magic, the player’s ability to cover the warship. In addition, in this work, there are more than 600 skills, and can be learned and level up by continuing to use. Combination can create a variety of combinations. In addition, in this work, almost all equipment can be created with craft and can be sold to others. It is also possible to produce a strong equipment for crafts and a strong equipment of secret depending on the combination.

“Mortal Online 2” starts closed alpha test from April 2020. We have implemented a beta test from November of the same year. And, although I was originally planned to release October 2021, it is postponed as “to deliver a pleasant experience that content is abundant and stable as much as possible”. Since then, we have been updated vigorously until January 26 of this year.

The reputation of the Steam Store page of “Mortal Online 2” is, in terms of more than 1600 evaluations and the status is “pros and cons”. About 1000 reviews, about 1000 reviews are evaluations from the last 30 days. As the contents, it has been pointed out that the delay in the case of playing in areas other than the EU is intense, and a login error has occurred. In the patch notes as of January 27, if the latency in the login queue exceeds 20 minutes, the problem is being solved, such as the problem that the client crashes is solved.

Although the pros and cons of the strings is divided, the growth of the number of simultaneous connection players is steady. The number of simultaneous connection players before the official release was about 600 to 1000 people, while showed an elongation of up to 5000 to 8,000 people after January 26. 8289 people have achieved 8289 people as the number of peak simultaneous connection players (STEAMDB). On January 26, there are more than 28.5 million followers in Twitch, and Mr. Lirik is playing this work, and earned more than 226,000 audience numbers (Sullygnome). There is also such exposure, and it seems that the popularity of “Mortal Online 2” is steadily increasing.

“Mortal Online 2” is delivered for PC with STeam. Currently we are carrying out sales and can be purchased at 3690 yen of 10% off until February 2. However, the period you can play at the time of purchase up to one month. In order to continue playing even after the end of the period, it is necessary to register in the monthly system subscription.

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