Mortal Kombat 12 potentially filtered

Mombat 12 Apparently it has been filtered by a developer in the game. Last year, rumors arose that affirmed that, contrary to popular belief, Nettherrealm Studios was not working on injusticia 3, but mostal kombat 12. Fast forward and a new photo seems to confirm this. The image comes from Jonathan Andersen’s hand, senior production manager in Chicago’s headquarters. On Twitter, Andersen tweeted a photo of what seems to be his workspace full of injusticia and mostal kombat art, if you look at the lower left corner, there is a file on the computer entitled «mk12_mast…» There are also others Mombat files as «reptile».

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Since then, the Tweet was eliminated, but not before the Internet obtained its receipt. And parts of the Internet actually think that it is a deliberate filtration, which is not common, but it happens. The main reason why some momatal kombat fans believe that this is the email that is in the background, which contains the following: “Our fans anxiously seek on the Internet any trace”. He also says that “be very careful with this material.” It’s all a bit on your nose.

As noted, the Tweet with the image was eliminated since then and there has been no follow-up by Andersen, Netherrealm Studios, WB Games or any other part involved. It does not matter if it is a deliberate filtration or not, it is unlikely that this will change. That said, if it is a deliberate filtration, then an official announcement could be imminent.

As always, we will keep you informed as the situation evolves. Meanwhile, take everything here, the filtration and speculation it has created, with tweezers. While there is little space to doubt the validity of the filtration, it is still a leak and no information 100 percent official directly from WB Games PR. Speaking of WB Games PR, we have communicated to get a comment. While we are waiting for information, it is important to remember that NRS, in particular, its creative director, Ed Boon, has a reputation for trolling the fans. This could be another example elaborated from this, but it seems unlikely.

If “Kombat 12_ is the next game of the study, they are bad news for injusticia amateur. The Chicago-based team is a single game studio, which means they work in a project at a time. Then, if Mortal Kombat 12 is his next game, he would mean injusticia 3 missing at least a few years, assuming that mk12 is on the horizon. The wait will be even longer if it is not.

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