Mortal Kombat 12: The producer of the game created a volunteer leak to play with Internet users

Rumors around a mortal Kombat 12 do not date back yesterday. Last August, we learned from Jeff Grubb, a journalist at Venturebeat, that the game was developing in the studios of Netherrealm. The latter explained that the developers had privileged the map of the ease with a new episode of the saga at the expense of an injustice 3, more complicated to put in place because of the rights of images of each superhero. The Internet currently operating at full speed around leaks and other rumors, the developers have decided to play with these new communication codes. Jonathan Andersen, Senior Producer on the series, posted a photo on his Twitter account for long minutes before deleting it. On this cliché recorded by Internet users, several posters of different Mortal Kombat can be seen, placed on an office near a computer monitor where you can see the code name “MK12_MAST”. Next door, we can see the end of an email where it is written that _ “our fans are entering the Internet with great fervor, looking for the slightest index. Be very vigilant with this content” _.

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Better, if we have fun analyzing the display of posters on the photo, we see that the artworks referring to Mortal Kombat 1 are placed next to those of Mortal Kombat 2, and as we know since the interventions of Jean-Claude Van Damme that 1 + 2 = 12, it may be there also clues to put the Internet users on this track. Still, this staging a little coarse proves that Netherrealm Studio prefers to create this volunteer leak rather than being a victim of a leak that he would not have anticipated. Now hope that this mortal Kombat 12 brings real changes from the previous one that is still very fresh in our minds, knowing that the game follow-up lasted more than 2 years.

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