Netherrealm Studios Staff has not announced the new work “Mortal Kombat 12” developed?

The co-producer ED BOON has entered the AIAS Hall of Fame, “ Mortal Kombat ( Mortal Combat )”, but Netherrealm Studios Senior Production Manager Jonathan Andersen Not Announced It has been a topic that the photo suggested the development of the new “ Mortal Kombat 12 “.

The picture is “Mortal Kombat” photo that spreads the promotional materials and concept art of “Injustice” and concept art. The problem is that a file named “ MK12_MAST… ” existed in the PC desktop screen that is flying to the cirary behind. And the tweets immediately after the fans were deleted.

NetherRealm Studios Hiring for

Although it is unknown whether the development is an unknown, part of the email reflected at the screen end (the content of the shared video) “ Our fans are enthusiastically looking from the Internet in search of every trace Gathering Please be careful about this article ” It is written as “**”, and it is also guessed that it is not intentional leak from the situation where it is too much.

“Mortal Kombat” series that celebrates the 30th anniversary this year. Fans will expect surprises suitable for that commemoration.

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