“Small comfort”: SnowboardCrossers in Mixed Fifth

The two German snowboardCrossers were at the Olympic Premiere of the Mixed TeamEvents in the snowforing of Zhangjiakou on Saturday fifth. As a third of her semi-final, they did not manage to the final of the best four teams. But in the small final they drove the best time. “A little consolation is definitely that,” said the 22 year old fishermen. “We can drive home with a better feeling than after the single races.”

Gold went to the US with Lindsey Jacobellis and Nick Baumgartner. The 36-year-old Jacobellis had already become a single Olympic champion. Silver won Italy with Michela Moioli / Omar Visintin, Bronze secured Meryeta Odine and Eliot Grondin from Canada.

“Not satisfied overall”

According to some disappointments in recent days, the German snowboarders threaten medalless games. “Overall, we are not satisfied with the yield and did not reach the objective,” said sport director Andreas Scheid. For the Crosser, the fifth place is “a reconcilient farewell to the games”.

Nörl had traveled to China after his three World Cup victories in January as a leader of the overall standings and one of the great gold favorites to China, but then failed early. Just like fishermen, which was returned to the World Cup as a result of a shoulder joint confusion occurred in November in the World Cup. The ramona Hofmeister and Stefan Baumeister, which has been taken with medal ambitions, was also eliminated early in the parallel giant slalom.

Only outsiders in Big-Air events

Chinet Comfort Cups

According to sports director, in the Freestyle disciplines, the eighth places of Annika Morgan in Slopestyle and André politely in the Halfpipe has been “well presented” in the Freestyle disciplines. In the still outstanding Big-Air events, the Germans are rather outsiders.

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