The favorite series of Netflix fanatics finally exceeds season 2 of The Witcher

The Brujo spent a couple of weeks dominating the transmission lists after its debut in the second season in December, but that supremacy did not reach up to 2022. The transmission numbers arrived for the New Year’s Week and another Netflix series became pounced to take charge immediately. All the panorama of online television. It should not be surprised that the successful series cobra kai occupied the first place in the transmission ratings only a few days after the premiere of its season 4.

Cobra Kai The fourth season from Netflix on New Year’s Eve and immediately shot at number one in all transmissions. According to nielsen, cobra kai was seen for more than 2,400 million minutes between December 27 and January 2. Remember, Cobra Kai was only available for three of the days that were counted for the week, which makes those astronomical numbers even more impressive.

The Brujo He ranked the second place in that week’s TV transmission ratings, although he still had a fight. The Fantasy Series delivered a little more than 1,800 million minutes at the lapse, about 600 million less than cobra kai. Netflix Original EMily in Paris, ojo rare, _ Surpleweed in space_, Okay nearby and _The great British pastry show also made the list of the 10 best. Trass Time He occupied the fourth place, which gave Amazon his only place in the ranking, while ojojo de halcon and The Book of Boba Fett made the Disney + list.

Cobra Kai has been a dominant force for Netflix since he arrived in 2020, from YouTube after his first two seasons. The fifth installment of the popular series of Karate Kid sequelae was already filmed and will probably arrive this year.

After the premiere of season 4, the cobra kai creative team spoke with about what will come in season 5.

“When Daniel went to Okinawa [In Cobra Kai Season 3],” we saw that Chozen had lived this life of shame, after the events of Karate Kid II, “said Executive Producer Hayden Schlossberg. “And that Daniel coming to Okinawa gave him the opportunity to redeem himself in his eyes. And we always feel that he showed him a couple of movements, but he will always feel that responsibility to help Daniel. “

Cobra Kai: Season 4 | Date Announcement | Netflix

“And then, the fact that at the end of season 4, things are worse than ever,” he continued. «Cobra Kai is more popular than ever, with Terry Silver enjoying him and with all the strength of him and supposedly Daniel having to close Miyagi Do. That when you think about Daniel’s perspective, what do you have to do to recover from this? «

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