The first English League will use the sounds of the FIFA crowd once the game resumed

Last update there is June 8, 2020

EA are BANNING everyone...
Since March, just about everyone in the world has been forced to deal with unprecedented boredom caused by coronavirus. Innumerable companies have been forced to close their doors to comply with the laws and regulations for social distance distancing. Even major sports have not been exempt from the benefits of COVID-19. Leagues like the NBA and the NHL had to cancel their seasons. The two organizations mentioned are looking for ways to return where they stopped in the spring. However, the English Premier League will be the first to attempt to circumvent the strict restrictions before everyone else. Their season begins on June 17th. No fan will be allowed to attend any of the games, but it seems that the EPL turned to video games to find a solution.

In order to bypass the absence of fans in their arenas, the audio of the FIFA Crowd 20 will be played in the background of each show to give those who watch at home an environment to which they are more accustomed. Half of the pleasure of watching live sports is the pure excitement that comes from thousands of people crammed in a stadium. The EPL hopes it will serve as a worthy substitute for the moment.

Sky Sports, one of the broadcasting stations, had this to say about the decision. “_En partnership with EA Sports FIFA, Sky Sports has created a range of customized and team-specific crowd sounds and songs to bring back the vibrant atmosphere of the Premier League to recovery.” _

Football (football) may not be the only sport to use video game audio to replace the crowd. The NHL and NBA also circulated this idea. Maybe all return sports will turn to sport video games to help them at this time.

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