Dont miss the card criticized by the church! Surprisingly hard card shop management simulations “Kardboard Kings: Card Shop Simulator” [Bakepo]

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only “I don’t know what kind of game!” And I am not a GAME * SPARK reader. Therefore, this plan is to deliver the contents of the raw game to the motto “as soon as possible”, “explosion play repo”.

This time, Henry’s House, Oscar Brittain, Rob Gross developed, AKupara Games is responsible for the publisher, and the game “ Kardboard Kings: Card Shop Simulator ” released on February 11, 2022 I would like to deliver the contents of.

# “Kardboard Kings: Card Shop Simulator”?

This work is a simulation game that runs a car shop shop in a city. The player is the store manager of this shop, buying a card through a net shop etc. and displays them. Sell ​​the card to the visited users and earn more money and purchase the card. It is a basic flow.

I have been a few years ago, and I visited a real card shop many times. That’s why the sights of various cards are lined up. However, the story is another **. You can taste the hardship of the shop that you do not know from the user’s position.

# Shop management that handles strong cards “

Handling in this shop is a card game called “Warlock” popular in the world of the game. Each card is “color” “power” “type”, etc. is allocated, glitter light rarity high and conversely bad things with scratches * There is also *. However, we can not make it easy to purchase high cards. Card market value changes **.

For example, if you talk about a pack of “Francis Baron”, a former world cham of Warlock, or a certain type of card in the tournament, the value of the card will rise accordingly. Cheap cards that have been purchased will sell at higher prospects.

Furthermore Criticalize the “color” card with the church will increase the card value of that color. Since these pieces of information come out, there will be a margin of the 2nd and 3 days until the card value goes up, so during the game will be a desperate purchase card of the criticized card of the church. After all believe is saved!

On the other hand, the pack resale is troubled. From the user, it is a chance to get past cards, but It will be a factor for the store’s asset value. Furthermore, too strong card will be banned from the official and will not be available in the match. Such card hurry to put it in the store and let’s let go early.

Also, The shop reputation is directly connected to the customer. Must respond to telephone orders in good faith, time, you must sell cards with the deficit. **.

In this way, in this work, in view of the environment, it is necessary to answer the user’s expectations well while looking for a card of bargain.

# Actors too strong character

Users who enjoy such “Warlock” are also individualistic. A “Bee” writes a dissertation on the theme of the “Gustav” of the workman and “Warlock”, and Yancha Boy (positive expression) that delivers net in shop without permission to smartphone one hand There are also members who have one and two habits such as “Kevin”.

Not only human beings but to a competitor that can be relied upon managerial advice 鳥 「「 「ュ」 * * * * Also appeared. I think that “Is it all right?” Above all, the strangeness of the translation is combined, and it will only be fun just talking **.

# Sorry, but it is still an interesting shop management

This work is a game that seems to be a card shop management.

However, ** Use a pretty head to select the card to be purchased while considering the news and environments coming every day. Even after obtaining cards, you must check any card if it is displayed at any card, or one point. You can also give specific cards to raise specific cards or collect visitor attention.

Store reputation and sales . Similar to the actual store, This is a difficult place to achieve both this two .

When I just started the game, It is useful to scream the recording card for each pack. If you have touched the card game, please try this work by all means. A unique character and a simulation part with bone will welcome new management. But if you prohibit the card you got ! **

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