SIFU: How to forgive the bosses

Sifu is a classic revenge story, since its protagonist unnamed takes up a trip years after the death of his father to kill the five responsible people. But did you know that you do not really need to satisfy this thirst for revenge after all? Here is all you need to know about How to save blows in SIFU .

How to save heads on Sifu

How to save heads on SIFU:

  • Progress each level until you reach the boss’s fight.

  • Reduce your health until the notice of the finisher appears and wait for it to disappear.

  • The second phase of the fight begins but only for.

  • Break your structure again with just stop.

  • Press Left in the D-Pad, a controller or arrow left on a keyboard to forgive the boss.

Trophies and secret finals

By completing each of these fights, forgiving the heads in SIFU, you will unlock the following trophies and articles:

  • Fajar: Wood Talisman (Master Trophy Muk Yan)
  • Sean: Talisman of Fire (Tiger Trophy in Flame)
  • Kuroki: water talisman (Fountain of the Flying Daggers trophy)
  • Jinfeng: Metal Talisman (iron money trophy)
  • Yang: Talisman of the Earth (Trofeus LEGENDARY TALISMANS WUXING)

To get the secret end, you must follow each one of the previous steps in the final fight with Yang. The difference in this fight is that you will actually end up with a demolition, although your character does not really do it. This unlocks the secret and true end of SIFU.

That’s all you need to know about How to save blows in SIFU . **** If you are still looking for more information about the game, be sure to search the rest of the protagonist unnamed and consult all our guides, which have many advice, tricks and frequently asked questions to help you master the combat of the game.

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