Top Hat studios do not censure their game in the middle of death threats

Last updated January 4, 2021

Earlier this year, Top Hat Studios has released a game called Sense – A CyberPunk Ghost Story, which is exactly what it gives. It is a supernatural horror / mystery taking place in a CyberPunk world. It was launched on Steam with predominantly positive critics, but when it was announced that it would be published on Nintendo Switch, a vocal presence requested that it be censured. The developer has received death threats and other harassment messages, but Top Hat Studios insisted that they do not censor the release of Nintendo Switch.

Top Hat Studios REFUSES to Censor Their Game: Sense - A Cyberpunk Ghost Story

The game does not even really have debate or provocative content. There are characters with big tiddies of anime and dressed in semi-revealing clothes, but nothing that could not be found in other games. There are also violent and bloody representations of dead, but again, nothing too extreme or even beyond what you could expect from a game of horror and mystery. The game takes place in 2083 Neo Hong Kong, which, as we know, a game with something to do with China is a great no-no for this country, although the claims against the game have nothing to do With the frame, which is quite interesting.

Top Hat Studios released an official statement on the New Year’s Day that the statements that Sense – A CyberPunk Ghost Story should be censored are ridiculous and that “the game will not be censored. We categorically refuse. Boom. Sense – A CyberPunk Ghost Story is now available on PC and will be launched on January 7 on Nintendo Switch.

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