The Babylons Fall demo arrives on PlayStation on February 25

Last update there is February 15, 2022

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Will you wear the burden of the formidable Tour de Babylon? You can see if you can handle it soon. The Square Enix developer today announced that his cooperative RPG game, Babylon’s Fall, would receive a demo later in February. A press release on the demo provides details not only on the content of the demo, but on the game in general.

Babylon’s Fall is an RPG action game with cooperative features. The game places players in the role of a sentinel, a special warrior that uses equipment known as Gideon Coffins. With their special Gideon Coffin, players will embark on an adventure to conquer the Babylon monolithic tower. Formerly conscripted soldiers of the Empire, sentinels are now facing their biggest challenge in the tower. Hope their skills, their weapons and coffins will be able to help them meet the challenges. In addition to being a modification of the player, the Gideon Coffin offers different ways to play. In addition to your duel weapons, your coffin allows you to use even more. That’s right, Gideon Coffin allows players to handle different weapons and combine them to find your perfect game style.

Now, on February 25, Playstation players will have a first glimpse of the game with a free demo. In addition, the demo gives PlayStation 4 players and anticipated, solo or cooperative access to the opening section of the game. All the progress you make, including the achievements you earn, are reported on the Full version of the game. Basically, the demo gives players a chance to witness the powerful power of sentinels, as well as cope with the burden they wear.

Currently, Babylon’s Fall is scheduled for a global release on March 3, 2022. However, players who pre-ordered the luxury version of the game enjoy early access to the game on February 28th. So, are you ready to climb the Tower of Babylon?

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