The Designer of Terraria launched a wink of the follow up, however it was just having a good time with the community

How Terraria Was Made and Why Development Suddenly Stopped
Whitney Spinks included, that one of the possible roadways that the research might take would certainly be terraria 2, but the team continues to take into consideration all possible choices . “We are not prepared to share the specific address we prepare to take with our second video game at this time,” she clarified.

The area of Terraria experienced an innocent mischief by Andrew Spinks , developer of the popular title, due to the fact that through Twitter, Spinks suddenly changed his biography to ‘terraria 2- to New Age’, which quickly called The interest of some fans with good eye. However, later the research study confirmed that every little thing was “pure fun” , because although the concept of a feasible sequel is not ruled out, this wink does not confirm or represent anything.

Terraria has come to be a whole success with multiple platforms, being the game ideal valued at Vapor last March, and overcoming a million games sold in its mobile variation in China. Knowing this, we are not shocked that the community is anxious to obtain a follow up.

“That stated, we constantly enjoyed the wave of suppositions of our fans,” Spinks proceeded. “Therefore, they will notice that a number of participants of our group have transformed their places on Twitter to different ‘video games’ with style of terraria”. The Vice President concluded, affirming that the study will disclose its plans “when they are prepared” .

We enjoyed the wave of supposition of the Fans Whitney Spinks “Our research study has actually been trying out,” discussed Whitney Spinks , Vice Head Of State of Re-Logic. “We have been growing our Skiz Set while preparing to begin the 2nd re-logic title.”

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