1. FSV Mainz 05: Svensson gets his “special performance”

Mainz has already done it in front of its own audience, 3: 2 on Friday night about Bayer Leverkusen was the fifth home win of the FSV in a row and already the eighth of this season. “We have proven our home strength and showed the opponent in the barriers. Of that, we live this season, so we stand where we are now,” SportDirector Martin Schmidt was pleased to the match on the microphone of “Dazn”.

It looked until the 84th minute after that, as if the series of Mainz would tear. Leverkusen had pulled the game again on her own in the second half. The same succeeded in the FSV, however, before the hit of Lucas Alario, Karim Onisiwo’s header goal for the meantime 2: 1 was withdrawn – a contentious decision. At the previous free kick from Aaron, Moussa Niakhat√© was out of the way, but the Frenchman did not come to the ball. Nevertheless, the Mainz Captain jumped up and was near the scanner. Referee Benjamin Cortus looked at the video screen again and finally took the gate.

Schmidt remembers Freiburg

“Lucky what we had last week, we did not have today,” Schmidt said the scene from the game against Freiburg when Alexander Hack stood out his goal in his goal and the Var had overlooked it. “In my opinion, he is in the passive away, he does not intervene directly into the game,” Schmidt was sure that Mainz was brought about a regular gate.

Dominik Kohr did not agree with the withdrawn goal, the midfielder also saw further wrong decisions of the referees. “The first half was not the best performance from the referee, as it was very one-sided. In the second half he has then caught himself and the 50: 50 situations also decided for us,” Kohr analyzed the occurrence of the arbitrator unfamiliar in detail.

Dzenan Pejcinovic vs. FSV Mainz 05 U19 (05/02/2022) | U19 Bundesliga Debut

Ingvartsen speaks of the “cool head”

Ultimately, however, none of these scenes was crucial for the final result, which was mainly due to Mainz mentality. “We knew that we need a special performance to pass today. We have then got,” Trainer Bo Svensson showed proud of the performance of his team. The Mainz coach also had a large proportion of victory, finally he changed with Jean-Paul Boetius and Marcus Ingvartsen the decisive scorers.

“We’ve retained a cool head in the heated phase,” said Ingvartsen, the Mainz for a long time due to the beginning of the year, but on Friday evening, but for the plenty of years 3: 2 caused. “We never had the feeling that we lose the game today,” Kohr believed until the end of the threesome – and should keep right.

Through the tenth season, the FSV has finally unused all descent wells, the 05s are now even in the middle of the raffle around the international places. With 34 counters Mainz currently has just as many points in the account as the fourth of Leipzig.

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