Pokemon Go: All new field research in the sphere event for Johto

Why are there brand-new research? On February 26, the Great Johto Scenic tour runs in Pokémon Go.

Inpokémon GO you currently discover new field research, which you obtain by turning Pokéstops. We show you which rewards you bring you currently.

Considering that 18 February at 10:00, there are new rewards in chosen field research. They bring balls and silver Sananaberen. We reveal you here in the review the new missions.

New field research from 18 February – where exists something?

To offer you with also more spheres, there is additionally a new temporary research for you. This is separated back into 4 phases as well as needs you to fire Stops, send gifts and complete field research. All jobs and also benefits of the short-term research on the ball occasion can be located on us mymmo.

These are the brand-new jobs: Coaches from New Zealand were able to start fully in the brand-new event by the time change as well as carried with each other the brand-new field research.

  • Reward: 3 Poké Balls
  • Job: Land 3 wonderful tosses
  • Reward: 3 superballs
  • Job: Land 3 great curveball tosses one behind the various other

* Reward: 3 Sananaberen
* Job: Land 5 good tosses
* Reward: 10 Poké Balls
* Task: Land a fantastic throw
* Reward: 3 Hyperballs
* Job: Land 4 wonderful Curveball tosses one behind the various other
* Reward: 1 silver Sananabere

To do this, make your friend Pokémon presents in which balls are stuck. All info concerning the preparatory occasion for Johto trip we have summarized for you.

Inpokémon GO you now discover new field research, which you receive by turning Pokéstops. Why are there brand-new research? On February 26, the Great Johto Trip runs in Pokémon Go. What happens in the occasion? ** You will discover Hisui-Lektrobal in the video game for the very first time.

What takes place in the event? You will locate Hisui-Lektrobal in the game for the first time.

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