[Review] Cheap, strong, Like the national rice, Racpai

There was a time when a gaming keyboard is just spreading in the national PC room for 15 years ago. It was a keyboard with a yellow button with a silicon material on the upper right, but it is a keyboard that was a keyboard with a fire, and the input speed was a keyboard. And even when multiple keys were pressed simultaneously, all keys were input. Now, most keyboards are fast and infinitely incubative input speeds, but at that time, the keyboard innovation is the same.

I was from that time, I started to take interest on the keyboard. Mounting a large mechanical keyboard such as Cherry, Leopard, Poqing, and a real force that was called the end of the finish (even 10th anniversary model) that started with a number of mechanical keyboards such as Cherry, Leopard, Poq. Where can I go to the keyboard, I could confidently say it.

Oh, it’s not like the keyboard, it’s not like ‘I liked’. There was a time when I put a mechanical keyboard in a bag and leave it to a PC room, but now it’s a lot of interest in the keyboard as it becomes a business, and it’s a lot of interest in the keyboard. Because I have done it. Sometimes I feel really great every time I see the keyboard working on YouTube.

But my secretary fingers have been remembering the texture of a high-grade mechanical keyboard in 10 years later. I can not go back to a low-cost membrane, a pentagraph keyboard. If so, the switch and design that fit your taste is to find a reasonable guy among the decentest-made bodies.

Roccat Pyro (Roccat Pyro) What about? A Vi-style mechanical keyboard, which is characterized by a durable and heavy aluminum top plate. It is already mounted on the colorful RGB LED.

‘Pyro’ ‘is said to have the meaning of the keyboard (…) born in the flame. I was a little embarrassed by the two-sensitive concept, but I can see the aluminum reinforcements and shortcomings, and the shortcoming habits, and they are quite a bad time.

Especially product configurations are quite wonderful. A volume control dial that can be daged as well as a complimentary aluminum reinforcing plate as well as a DJ, is a basic configuration to a pretty good quality of the pamplest. It is difficult to browse the feeling of treating the whole keyboard, and the felt that is a component. 80,000 won Mechanical keyboard? I have not heard this on a 300,000 won keyboard.

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The keyboard cable and other cables can be easily distinguished from the cute keyboard icons. “What was the keyboard line?” You do not have to pull each other while the cable is pulled. Did I eat my age now? It feels a higher satisfaction with the minor care of the manufacturer than the product’s performance. A little sad.

Raccapiro is a trial mechanical keyboard that is considered to be the most prone person. It is possible to use the TTC intact switch without a large number of situations. There is no loss of mechanical switches. If you do not use the audition to cool down the enterkick with a lecious wrist snap, it is also OK in the office.

Thanks to the combination of light ridiculous and heavy aluminum tops? There is very little a barrel phenomenon that can be felt on most low-cost mechanical keyboards. It was the most satisular experience in the mechanical keyboard of 100,000 won without exaggeration.

In the gaming environment, the utilization is not the same as Mugun. Because the performance of the keyboard itself is decent, it is a dedicated utility, which is a dedicated utility, so you can use more than 15 keys to assign 15 or more keys to macro keys. It provides the best convenience in games that utilize large amounts of skills, buffs, macro keys, such as World of Warcraft. In addition, browser control (previous page, refresh, etc.), window control (system shutdown, control panel execution, etc.) can be set as basic functions.

In addition, since it supports a number of profiles, it is possible to store the macro key separately by each game and program. If you only hear a little ball in the first setting, you can use a complete custom keyboard. As a simple example, I often use the image size conversion function of Photoshop and set the “Insert” key that has a low frequency of use with the image size conversion key. This set custom key is only available in the game mode activation status and can be used in the same time as the normal keyboard in the disabled state.

AIMO lighting, the largest feature of Racca products is also attractive. RGB LEDs were impressive, responsively reacted according to the operation of the user rather than the general form that repeats the same pattern. The location of the button I pressed, and it is naturally controlled according to the time of pressing. Let’s see the above video. Most Rocca gaming gears support AIMO lighting interworking. RGB I like to open my wallet.

‘Roccat Pyro’ I want to be a product that can be recommended for a mechanical keyboard instrument. It is equipped with a steady aluminum top plate and a switch with a 50 million clicks. Compliance with the overall product, I also like the pamprest, a component. The price is 115,000 won based on online lowest price. Above all, the price is hetero. You can see this quality mechanical keyboard at 100,000 won in the early days. The world has improved.

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