The next Operator of Rainbow Six Siege will be Azami

Rainbow Six Siege will soon have Azami as a new defender. The operator will join the list in the Y7S1 Demon Veil operation. It provides an innovative capacity that has apparently been developing for more than a year.

The passage of Azami in security in the private sector massively helped him to perfect his skills. Its full name is Kana Fujiwara and has been strongly inspired by the private security forces of the country. It will wear an elegant fully black holding. A brilliant blue blazer with a complex golden art on one side accentuates its look.

This character from Rainbow Six Siege will use Kunai knives to deploy his signature capacity, the Kiba barrier. This serves as a bulletproof surface it can deploy anywhere on the map.

Two separate chemicals form this barrier. Kinives Kunai released the gases and form the barrier after hitting a surface. This creates a decent circle. This will allow him to create new defenses useful to the entire team. The barrier can strengthen their weaker walls and add protection to other defenders.

However, Rainbow six-seat players need to be aware that the barrier can be destroyed by explosives and three consecutive melee attacks on an attacker nearby. Azami can be very useful in restricted spaces, but it is a little short when it comes to long distance attacks. That said, players may want to use it to secure areas nearby. By doing this, their attackers act somewhat abnormally. Players can then remove them more easily.

Siege Will Never Be The Same || Azami Early Access

The announcement of Ubisoft regarding the new Operator Rainbow Six Siege is not a surprise for fans. After all, information that she joined the list had already went around the Internet.

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