Barricade variable: Guide to the route Shion Maiuzumi

Variable Barricade allows you to choose from four different men today, including the seeming cold shion. Shion is a red game flag, which is actually a disguised bun with cinnamon. If you want to get all the endings of the shion, you need to know what choice do.

End of love

That’s how to get an end to love for Shion by Maiuzumi.

If you want End of marriage Take White Rose At the beginning of the common route.

Normal end

To get the usual ending of a shion, select opposite Answer to the following options:

  • Selection of eight
  • Selection of nine
  • Choosing ten
  • Selection eleven

Bad endings

To get a bad ending shion, select opposite Answer the following options:

  • Choosing three
  • Choosing four
  • Choosing five

Variable Barricade Review - バリアブルバリケード
* Select six
* Selection seven
* Selection of eight
* Selection of nine
* Choosing ten

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