Vault 94 Raid arrives at Fallout 76

Bethesda will publish the Vault 94 raid in the next game patch, encouraging players to group together to meet various new challenges in the safe. The new hotfix introduces instantiation technology, preventing other players from allocating your Vault 94 raid, making Fallout 76’s first instantiated dungeon. The hotfix 12 will be released on August 20 on PC and will be available on Console the same day in a shifted version.

Due to the difficulty of the raid, a full team of level 50 or more players should compete in the Vault 94 invaded by vegetation. The Raiders of the Appalaches can access the new RAID by listening to the radio station Vault 94 Emergency Broadcast. The vault is located between the mire and the divide flavan, where a utopian community of inhabitants of the vault have been exceeded by nature. While players make their way through the raid, the story of Vault 94 will be unveiled, typical of the exploration of all the vaults of Fallout. The RAID offers three different missions, available at launch, the other two available on August 27 and September 3. Players can choose the difficulty for each novice mission to expert. The more difficult the difficulty, the best will be the rewards, but be careful, because the standard and expert modes have a time limit.

The patch 12 includes new weapons, armor and plans that will allow players to build their own Vault 94 equipment with new resources and manufacturing equipment found during the RAID. Bethesda mentions that it is able to make the raid experience different whenever the players make their way, but do not specify how but we assume that it will be done by randomly generating an instance similar to that used by Diablo.

Fallout 76 - VAULT 94 RAID Update DLC Is Here! Bring Some Friends (Fallout 76 Vault 94 Gameplay)

Is this patch enough to take you back to Fallout 76? Are you impatient to explore Vault 94 in Fallout 76 next week? Let us know in the comments below!

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