Craftone, PWS Phase 1 1 week of Weekly Final Results Announced

Craftone (Representative Kim Chang) is the East Asia Region of the East Asia Region of the East Asian region of the Battleground (Pubg: BattleGrounds, Battle Ground) ‘2022 Pub Weekly Series (Pubg Weekly Series: East Asia, PWS): Payer 1’ Weekly Final results were released on the 28th.

PASE 26 to 27 for two days online opened PWS: Phase 1 Weekly Finals ▲ Emtek Stormx (Emtech Storm X), ▲ GhiBli Esports (Keebi Isphos), ▲ DWG KIA (Circular Kia), ▲ Kwangdong Freecs ( Guangdong Prix), ▲ OP.GG Sports (OP.GG), ▲ GEN.G (Zenji), ▲ Maru Gaming (Maru Gaming), ▲ Gongo Prince (Ginto Prince), a total of eight Korean teams participated. They were a total of 10 matches with the top four Japanese teams and the top four Chinese Taipei / Hong Kong / Macao teams in the upper four Japanese teams and the top four Children’s Taipei / Hong Kong / Macau.

As a result, in the Weekly Final, Korea’s Emtek Stormx ranked first in the Killpoint (92K Kill), ranking point (59 points), and it has been ranked as the first quarter of the summary of 151 points. From the Weekly Final 1st day, Emtek Stormx obtained an overwhelming performance of 56 kills and 33 points. The momentum continued to 2 days. Emtek Stormx, who has eaten chicken at Match 7 and 8, has confirmed his second and tremendous score cars and confirmed his victory early. As a result, Emtek Stormx has secured a prize of Win Financial Win.


Other Korean teams showed good grades. The GhiBli Esports, who was pushed to the first day DWG KIA, added 75 points in 2 days and accounted for seconds as 111 points, and DWG KIAs accounted for 3rd place as 82 points. ‘Battle Ground Smash Cup (BSC) Season 6’ winner Gen.G stayed at 9th.

At 7 pm on March 2 and 3, PWS: Phase 1 of Phase 1 will be held. The Weekly Survival, which will proceed with 5 matches a day, Korea, Japan, Chainiz Taipei / Hong Kong / Macau progresses each, and the upper cumulative point top teams are advanced to the Weekly Final.

On Saturdays and Sundays, a team that has the most acquiring points during the 10-match is the corresponding parking win team.

The four weeks of Weekly Final Cumulative Points Many Top 16 teams will enter the grand finals from April 7 to 10. They will be able to play a fierce victor of PGC points, including PUBG Continental Series (Pubg Continental Series) and ‘Pubg Continental Series (Pubg Continental Series) 6 Asia’ Seed, ‘Pub Global Championship (Pubg Global Championship, PGC), am.

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