The achievement of 100 operators is still the “ultimate goal” of the Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Victories will have 63 operators to choose from when Azami is introduced in Operation Demon Veil, which is an impressive list. As early as 2018, Ubisoft has reported a ten-year support plan for Rainbow Six victories and intends to introduce 100 operators in his tactical shooter. Is the number of new operators who have fallen in recent years, still a goal for Ubisoft? After a media event for Demon Veil, The PC Player 24 asked the creative director of victories, Alex Karpazis, whether this is still their intention and how to tackle the upcoming task.

“100 operators are the ultimate goal,” says Karpazis. “We are still determined to introduce 100 operators in victories.”

If Ubisoft wanted to achieve this in its original ten-year plan, it would have to release about ten operators per year for victories. When this fact was mentioned, Karpazis realizes that the “promise of 100 operators” was a completely different unit than the ten-year plan. “We want to think for the game in the long term,” he says and promises to players that victories are supported for many years. However, it is still the goal of ubisoft to meet 100 operators in victories, “regardless of the schedules”.

Currently Ubisoft publishes four operators per year for Rainbow Six victories. Since the roadmap confirmed for year 7 that another four operators will be released over the next 12 months, Ubisoft would need over nine years to achieve 100 operators with the current rate.

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However, the introduction of new operators is not the only way how Ubisoft holds the things fresh. Victories have been receiving his first new card for three years during Y7S1 and the addition of Team Deathmatch as a permanent playlist is just the beginning of Ubisoft’s plans to bring new game modes into his tactical shooter.

We can not say certainly whether victories will come to the market in 2031, but Karpazis and the development team are confident that they will publish more operator in the coming years. Will one of these new entries challenge the best operator of Rainbow Six win? We can only hope. If one goes out of Azami, victory fans do not have to worry.

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