One of the days, a metabus drama producer

The metabus is a new construction interworking with mankind as technology. The war has begun to be a profitable or fun contents. On the other hand, people who are playing with the playground, and they are born. Combination of work and play. The new economic phenomenon is shown. I prepared a series of peeking the daily life of those who make a new job in the metabus. [Editer]

Seventeen. In Korea, students in high school students. It is a minor graduated from Fresh Middle School, but it is worried about numerous troubles and the future. Even if a broken imagination is lucky to evolve into a figures, sometimes anxiety is spreading on the inside of the shovel, and the emotions are visible. Also, it is time for the time when it happens when it was in the inner imbalance.

If you do not mind, it is the most poor in your life. There are students who are running for the prospect of the implications and rushing to hope in the future, but they are piled up like a mountain, and they are piled up in the choice. Lee Ho (Palmony) I was in ahead of high school admission. I liked to communicate with my friends since I was a child, so I dreamed of the YouTube Creator. He wanted to do his favorite work.

Then he did it in the meta bus. ‘What are you doing with your friends, “thinking,” I am accidentally connected to Jeppeto, where Naver Jet runs. Here, I was able to take pictures with his friends or talk to speech. Lee Ho has fallen into Golden Gepeto. To Lee Ho, who had his aid relationship, Jeppto was another world, and a small space that could realize his dream.

“I have a” fun “,” I have a distance to the “meta bus”. I do not think it’s all. Visiting convenience stores, department store shopping, etc. are available in Zeppeto. Of course, we can not feel the feeling of eating a cup of cups purchased from Jeppeto. I can not feel the wind in the face. It’s all over Jaipei. This is also attractive.

Lee Ho said to Jeppeto, and continued a metabus life. One day, the message has been from Jeppeto’s metabus creator. He is making a drama based on Jepheto, and Lee Ho’s avatar is appropriate for the abroad, he asked for Lee Ho. Lee, I was inherently appreciated. Compared to the real world, it is a compliant with the so-called ‘street casting’.

The girl who dreamed of Youtubergly dreamed of Youtu is interested in the meta bus, and he had experienced acting in the drama in the meta bus. He did not stop on the stage. After the drama appeared, Lee Ho made a drama story directly and made it as a content. He started as an actor, he had told that he would be born as a writer and a maker.

“Drama production or story writer? At first I was not interested at all. I am interested in appearing. First, I turned on the video editing app called ‘BLLO’. (Laughter) I was an easy-to-use app. Thanks to the fans (dramas), it is not difficult. ‘It’s hard to make steadily. “

The end of 2019, Lee Ho made a YouTube account. Subscribers are hungry, and the video published by 100,000. There is also a drama that recorded 30 million views. For two years, the cumulative views are 3 million times. Several Achievement is achieved by 17 years. Most 10 subscribers, the contents of the drama are also referred to as focus on the students such as the secondary.

‘The moment’, ‘my heart,’ my heart, your heart ‘,’ sudden time ‘,’ your destiny ‘,’ I like your fate ‘,’ I like the student president, Main material. The external method of appearing is a variety of ways. You can find an avatar, or a person who wants to appear, or a person who wants to appear, or a person who wants to appear directly to the audience, or the person who wants to appear directly from Jepperto or YouTube.

“Focusing on the contents of your teenage students, implementing things in reality as a drama. There is a student who looks very bad at school. It’s hard to approach it. By the way, I know this student, I have a good and warm personality. Reverse. How about making a story or a story that falls into a process or love that is close to this student. “

Abacatato (drama performer) actions in Zepeto capture one, and draw her face emotional line. The background is free from Jeppeto. All of the drama stories are composed directly. The Lee Ho Drama is usually 3 to 4 minutes. It takes average 5 hours to produce one 3-minute. After being preliminary, it is somewhat feasible, but it is said that it gets power to fans.

I also tried to contact other meta bus platforms. However, Lee Ho says that there is nothing to draw the actors who strictly control the actual actors that match the drama, the face of the actor’s face, eyebrows, and lips, etc. Of course, there is a colorful look and movement in Zeppeto. Recently, Lee Ho-ho explained that it is planning to plan to collaboration with Jerpeto creators.

As a “high school student, parents want to focus on more studying. I have to study hard work. I also want to give strength to work every day every day. It is a broadcast, such as a game, such as a game, such as other areas and how to combine it. Jeppeto is going to study fashion design, such as making clothes that have to make clothes. “

300 million people worldwide are using Jeppeto. It is called ‘MZ Generation Playground’ in Korea. Lee is often receiving messages from Jephto users and drama fans, YouTube subscribers. It is a representation that is common to thank you. One Jeppeto, who appeared in Lee Ho-dramas, was interested in metabuses thanks to Lee Ho, and also has found a dream.

“(to my parents) I was a secret for the first time. Then, I was told that the number of subscribers and the dramas were gradually, and I told you to gradually. First, it was a cute response. By the time, revenue was changed. (Laughter) As a condition, I started to support my dream. “

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Beyond everyday life and dating, we are looking for a thriller genre. If you get older, you will also deal with your work life. Sometimes the idea is depleted, but it is the happiest thing to create and produce drama stories in the metabus world.

“If you ask, if you ask, if you ask for anyone who is the best of Metta Bus drama producers, the majority is to be aimed at” Lee Ho “. Based on the capabilities that we have accumulated in Jeppeto, we will also be concreted to the future. I have been living with my previous and other lives. Like this, I hope that several people are dreaming and grow in this metabus. “

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