Warzone developer increase the basic health of the players for Vanguard Royale

A new Call of Duty Warzone Update has just gone live, and although it is mainly full of error corrections, some interesting things happen in Vanguard Royale game mode.

For Raven Software’s latest patchotes, it shows that the basic health of the players in Vanguard Royale is increased by 50%. While they traditionally have 100 basic health, they have now 150 in Vanguard Royale 150. This means that when they are completely covered, they have a total of 300 health.

Raven explains why this change was made, and says that it “appreciates the feedback that the time-to-kill (TTK) has exceeded the Sweet Spot, and hopes that this adjustment will improve the player experience and the mood.” While this usually happens with flat-rate Nerfs at certain weapons or essays, Raven seems to pursue another approach with a rather drastic changing change.

The only other time base changed in the warzone is the competitive Iron Trials mode that returns to Rebirth Island tomorrow. This increases the basic health at 250 to produce far longer TTKs.

In addition to changing the basic health, UAVs are back in Vanguard Royale after they were removed from buy stations at the beginning of the year. While the UAV has returned, it is now much more expensive and costs $ 9,000 instead of its original $ 6,000. Raven says this “compromise” between traditional Battle-Royale experience and UAV spamming is “exciting”.

Vanguard Royale gets an extra 50 base health! Huge positive change for Warzone
In addition to the Vanguard Royale changes, there are also corrections on some broken run upstreams for the MP40 and the BREN, two of the best Warzone guns, and a Damage Nerf for the XM4, which has been increasingly popular lately.

In addition, there is around a dozen smaller bug fixes – but there is no solution for the recently discovered Perk Exploit, which allows players to apply an additional Perk with deadly consequences on their weapons.

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