About “FF7” Tifa Airlis “Batman” actor suddenly talks suddenly and tuning around. Love of Robert Patinson, who was young

The actor Robert Patinson seems to have overwhelmed the heat valve around the game. The game is “ Final Fantasy VII ” (hereinafter referred to as FF7). Pattinson seems to have two heroine Airlis and Tifa who appear in the same work.

Pattinson is a UK-born actor. In 2005, he appeared as a Cedric Digreement role of “Harry Potter and Flame Goblet” and attracted attention. In 2020, he appeared in Christopher Noran ‘s actions’ Tenet Tenetto. And in the immediate vicinity, we play a leading role Bruce Wayne / Batman at the “The Batman-The Batman-” by Matt Levus, which will be released this month.

This time, Pattinson appears in the program CLIQUE X in the Live On-Demand Channel MYCANAL in France. He was welcomed by Host Role Mowland Ashur, and the face was aligned with the co-star Soy Kravitz in “The Batman-The Batman-“. While receiving an interview, Mr. Patinson’s Balle tongue spans the topic of “FF7”.

Pattinson born in 1986. He was a 12-year-old boy, with a “FF7” released in 1997. At the time, Patinson was “I was falling in love” at both heroines, Airis and Tifa, and I was troubled by triangular relationships.

Pattinson continues his heat valve while touching maniac information that “Aeris” spells differs depending on the translation version. Aeris is a very kind girl with super power, she said that she healed everyone and changes the world to a better place. On the other hand, she is a sexy and petite woman, and is a girl like a thief wearing a short skirt. Pattinson also talks about the development in the game and touched the matter that Aeris is killed, and “Man is all this way to learn something about love”.

On the other hand, Mr. Kravitz, who was at the same time, is a little puzzle. First of all, she does not know more about “FF7”. And, in order to hear the commentary of Mr. Patinson, about Airlis, “girl is a poisonous poison” and pigeons. And I smiled that the heroine’s choice is “a girl who heals everyone” or “a short skirt girl”, and commented that “This is a world’s problem.” The female statue appearing in “FF7” seems to have not been much resounded by Kravitz. While the passion of Mr. Patinson’s narrative, Mr. Kravitz was a surreal of a slightly drawn head.

In this interview, Pattinson’s “FF7” love bursts. He reveals that your favorite game is “FF7” in the interview with overseas media Gamespot, and she cried in the death scene of Aeris and comments. She said that she was my first love. Even in this interview, such memories came to show off the hot talking of the goodness.

In the “Final Fantasy VII Remake”, the aeris is not a mere healing system, but sometimes quite a small devil. Her tifa also depicts both her feelings and minor sides. She wants to put follows because she is deeply digging her inner side of heroine and she is not “symbolic woman”.

By the way, “Final Fantasy VII” Nintendo Switch Version is 50% sale. It would be nice to be troubled by triangle relationships, as it is available at 917 yen until March 16.

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