Director of Elden Ring responds to complaints about his difficulty

It is said that _ Elden Ring _, the most recent game of fromSoftware and Hideta Miyazaki , is the most affordable delivery within all the soulslike franchise. However, those who are playing will know how brutal and challenging that can become. It is true that its open world structure gives you more opportunity to explore and deal with another type of challenges, but sooner or later you will have to face that boss in which you have been stuck.

In fact, some of the bosses that you will find almost at the end of the game have been cataloged as the most difficult than fromSoftware has designed. For many, even with the helps it offers Elden Ring, the game is being too difficult to finish. Given this, Miyazaki apologized and explained why he does not intend to add an “easy” mode or something similar to the titles of the study.

“I apologize with those who feel that there are too many things to overcome my games. I just want the most possible players to experience the joy that results from exceeding these complications. “

Elden Ring Creator Reacts To Difficulty Comments | GameSpot News

According to Miyazaki , the difficulty is key to these games. The theme of accessibility is more relevant than ever before, and some think that fromSoftware is stubborn by not wanting to include more of these options in your games, but Miyazaki does not see it:

“We are always looking for ways to improve, but in our games specifically, the difficulty is what gives it a meaning to experience. So we do not want to leave that for now. It’s our identity. “

FromSoftware Acceporated that your games are not for everyone, and ultimately, that also means that not all players will have the opportunity to experience them as they should. But what do you think about? Are the SoulsLike should include difficulty options? We read you in the comments.

If you are also having problems overcoming the heads of Elden Ring, Here we share a class that will help you substantially.

Editor’s note: I agree that the FromSoftware games would not be the same if it will be implemented difficulty options from nothing. As Miyazaki says, there is nothing more rewarding than to beat that boss in which you had been taught and see how your skill has improved as a player.

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