Everything that will come to Gran Turismo 7 Possed

Only a few more hours are missing for the launch of _ Gran Turismo 7, _ and as we already have you in our review, Polyphony Digital Has given us the game that the fans wore expecting for more than a decade. This racing simulator will have a lot of content to keep you entertained for a very good time, but its authors already revealed some of the things that they think to include in the future.

Through a new publication on the official site of the game, Polyphony Digital shared a list of all the things you can anticipate about Gran Turismo 7 In the coming weeks and months:

  • New tracks

  • New vehicles

  • New events World Circuit

  • New mission races

  • New Music Rally songs

  • New lobby functions

  • NEW TIME TRIALS for Sport mode

  • Improvements to the penalty algorithm and quality of the racing online

Many of the updates you received Gran Turismo Sport were free, and we hope it happens the same with Gran Turismo 7, Although we do not have official confirmation about the above.

Gran Turismo 7 - My HONEST Review!! (IT'S VERY GOOD)
_ Great tourism 7 _ reaches ps5 and ps4 this March 4.

Editor’s note: It is clear that the people of Polyphony Digital know perfectly the formula to develop fantastic career experiences. Gran Turismo 7 is proof of all the talent that resides in this legendary Japanese developer, and I think the fans are going to be very happy with the result.

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