Nintendo publishes a Kirby Demo and the forgotten Earth

Nintendo has published by surprise a free trial of Kirby and the forgotten land , which you can download through the game page at La Eshop. In addition, they have published the general trailer of the game, as you can see up here. In it they have taught some skills that we had not seen before, added to new environments, bosses and minigames.

The trial version of the new Kirby, about 20 minutes, proposes two different difficulties that are probably maintained in the full version. The simplest of them, called a breeze, will make our character have “a lot of life” and define it as “the perfect way to start in action games”, while in wild difficulty we will have a “more challenging and wild experience, and with Difficulties’ peaks, but that will reward us with many more star coins.

As skills, magician pumps, warrior sword, knife-boomerang and ice breath with their respective improved versions will be available. Also, luckily, some of the transformation objects can be tested, in this case the vending machine (virtually a machine gun), the traffic cone and, of course, the car. All this will be through two levels with their respective tasks to be completed, as well as a third phase starring the Gorloyne Chief.

In addition, the demo can be played in cooperative mode, where the second user will control a Waddle Dee that will have a spear as a weapon.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Kirby and the forgotten land will be released on March 25 for Nintendo Switch.

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