How to hire Lionel Hapita in Triangle Strategy

As a young Lord House, Wolffort, Sernea is instructed to give food and her ownership of his own ownership. However, this responsibility has become expensive, since the number of refugees seeking asylum from the war continues to grow steadily. To get the supplies you need and His people for survival, Sernea will have to seek the Financial Council in an unexpected location – Private Camp Provisor, Lionel Hapita . That’s how to hire Lionel Hupit in the triangle strategy.

Note: follow the secondary spoilers about the characters Lionel Hapita.

Where to find and recruit Lionel Hapit

To add this eloquent merchant to your list, firstly, you will need access to camp supplier . As soon as the merchant becomes available, spend as much coins as possible on its goods, continuing to advance through the main story. If you have any problems with finding a sufficient number of coins, participation in imitation battles in the camp tavern is a great way to accumulate the money you need during the game. Strengthening Sernea’s belief .

History of characters Lionel will begin to appear on the world map with Chapter VI: Remember me ahead, but only after a sufficient number of items and the conviction of SERINA will become strong enough to coincide with it. As soon as the story of the first character becomes available, just look at the short screensaver to see Lionel promises its trading services to the House of Wolffort. Unlock it as a gaming character .

Abilities Lionel Hapita

As a merchant and Wizard, Lyonel knows how to use words to influence the mood of his opponent before imagining money from him. His initial weapons – the whip, which he spreads with any enemies, dares to abandon his exorbitant requirements. Charm Reduces physical and magical protection The enemy by three moves, while the disheveled feathers will make the enemy come into rage for two turns.

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In addition, the passive skill “Happy Nakhodka” allows Lionel to get a little extra coin When collecting trophies, which makes it a great unit in your team when you need to quickly earn some money. If you are looking for a character who helps to fill your pockets with money, be sure to take Lyonel to your list!

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