Mortal Online 2 Increases the capacity of its servers and reduces the instances of its universe

On January 25, the studio Star Vault launched the commercial version of Mortal Online 2 and as often in MMORPG, the launch was chaotic: the waiters were stormed and the players facing sometimes at long queues to connect, sometimes to unstable servers once at stake. failing to remedy the problem within a reasonable time, the developer opted for an instantiation of the Myrland continent in the world of play, to better distribute the players.

Mortal Online 2 Star Vault Solution to the Server Capacity 4K Queue Time Fixing
Obviously, the situation tends to normally: the last date deployed on the live servers has allowed “to increase the maximum capacity of all servers” and consequently to delete copies 3 and 4 from Myrland. In other words, two instances disappear so that gathering more players in the same world.

If the deletion of instances is probably also explained by the drop in the number of connected players (Mortal Online 2 recorded peaks of about 10,000 players connected simultaneously to the launch against about 4000 today), in recent weeks, have nevertheless allowed To also deploy hotfixes – especially to limit MMORPG server crashes or to optimize network infrastructure.

Let’s bet that the game experience will now be a little more comfortable. The full patch note, with many adjustments and rebalances, is available on the official website.

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